Je Ne Sais Quoi “Kotakukotakita” Exhibition at House of Sampoerna

Je Ne Sais Quoi is an expression to describe something that someone really attached to it and become so hopelessly fascinated that he/she ‘s not able to explain what’s ‘the thing’ that makes something so special..A depression in a good way, it also means that when something is so wrong it’s right.

The Jargon above  is probably familiar in the context of Fashion. it almost a coincidence I read this savy pocket book-I forget the title was- and all of sudden this France phrase got me attention..Je Ne Sais Quoi then became the name of my artwork this year, in an venture of Visual Communication Design department and House of Sampoerna celebrated 274th Surabaya anniversary on May 2017. Kotakukotakita is the big theme that’s going to bring this exhibition to the next level.

Some of the art pieces are interactive and in advance of technology. There will be an optical illusion playing with shadows and lights projected onto 3D model city scape of Surabaya, another art work is a mini sculpt molded through Blender (3D animation engine) and run into a 3D printing. Mine is mindblowingly goes side by side with the other two ‘back to the future’ works, a-virtual reality-scape showing Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya  in 360 panoramic view,  along side these there exotic-skinned fashion figures posing fiercely through the lens of Google cardboard. One can experience being inside the environment and seeing the 3D model of Tunjungan Plasa city scape but in a fashionable way.

Je Ne Sais Quoi Google Cardboard

Imitating the model pose while loading all the artwork for the exhibition at House of Sampoerna

Scan the QR code on the poster within my artwork and download the VR-scape on your phone. Place the phone in the Google cardboard, activate it and Voila!! step into the VR environment.

I’ll update you guys latter..see you on the  next report about the press con followed up with the opening.







Urban Garden

I’m so in love with urban gardening..not only putting the plants can boost your mood because they supply you with oxygen, also they furnish your interior so beautifully,  as if you living in a tropical forest.

So I tried to built one for my home, I got lots of inspiration from Pinterest. Me and my hubby planted some tropical plants and did a opened terrarium of cactus. We had learn that flowers were so hard to maintain unless your home bathe in sunlight, they prone to decay. Maiden hair (Suplir), the Piper betle or in Indonesia known as Sirih were pretty easy to maintain. Avoid direct sun light, watering is needed at least once in every two days.

Sirih is best known for medicine. It’s good for coping Asthma, sore throat, even to reduce pain of period cramps.

We even have a vertical garden of variegated lily turfs, they growing savagely inside the dark green plastic containers. Unlike  pots they’re cheaper and maintenance free, however they’re become less appealing and  look messy, just like you throw a bunch of rotten vegetables or garbage to your wall-sometimes I’m seeing it that way..LOL

“it’s gonna be terrific if you add these green agents within your interior design, they’re  literally and visually a therapy for your health ..don’t be hesitated to combine with those artificial ones, there’s nothing wrong with put the real and the faux together.”

faux flowers from IDEKO..bought these in 2011, it has a memory of when idealist met pragmatic (faux flowers is less maintenance).

My lovely kitchen

Kitchen is the first thing come up to mind as I get up in the spend hours and hours in the kitchen you don’t even realized your feet are swollen you’ve been standing for so long…when you think about what the breakfast is going to be you’ll be starring at the stove in the kitchen…sometimes you see that the time is running too fast but you feel like you haven’t make anything yet for dinner-you keep checking the clocks.

but when i saw those lighting set ups gave my kitchen an ambience light It looks was like a spell, told me to keep the surface cleaned, to do all the dish washing..almost like an altar that I praise because its visual….I love my favorite space in my house…

#OOTD late post

This is another print textile my student made for her final project last year and she gave this beautiful Betta fish motifs-A signature type fish that you can easily find in Indonesia- she drawn herself for me.  It’s been kept quite a while before it finally turned to a skirt, not just one but It’s gonna be a couple skirt. A full clocked skirt coupled with Oi my let me  just have a mother daughter moment now….. Place: my small garden


Mom by Accent

Oi by Osh Kosh Bi Gosh


Teddy girl + preppy + 1950’s teen style of fashion

Have you ever heard about Teddy girl? preppy look from 1950’s or at least one of them?

If I can describe my own signature style I would say is a mixture between all the above..

teddy style had roots from Edwardian era. (The King Edward VII’s signature cuts, 1901-1910, known as the Edwardian era, dominated men’s fashions). The Teddy Boy fashion of the fifties has its origins in what was an upper class reaction to the austerity imposed by the socialist government in the years following the World War II.

It was was once introduced by tailors to young-active urban workers  as an attempt to initiate a new type of style from its predecessor. Based on the article from ” the essential changes from conventional dress were the cut of the jacket and the dandy waistcoat.”-the hair style was pretty much the same tough-

….then girls embraced this kind of style as well. It looked boyish and rock n roll with the leather jackets and the ciggarets, since this  British phenomenon appeared when American Rock’n’Roll music invaded  Britain in late 1955. (

however the other style I inspired to is preppy look more like nerds in 1950’s wearing girls wore man shirt tucked in under the full clocked skirt, and socks beneath the oxford shoes were essential at that time. Mostly the saddle shoes or commonly wear when you play bowling.

I like Oxfords they leathery and edgy, so authentic and Europian… if you wear white or net socks before them and match the look with something feminine like skirts or a man shirt you’ll be like damn awesome!

lipstick by Wardah shoes by new look shirt unbranded bag unbranded glasses unbranded

The sums of all when it comes to describe my style is boyish, nerdy, and rock n’ roll!!



Fashion is neither just apparel or things that you wear, in this term accessories like necklace, bangles, earings, even glasses, more over it's seen as you entirely from head to toe, include your attitude. Fashion reflects your inner self, it's very you and whatever you are, when you apply it to your fashion, you let people see what are you deep inside implicitly. Then the "don't judge book by its cover" might not always be right.