My work-part 2

To celebrate my best friends b’day I made digital illustration for’s some of the work

2006-Nurina’s B’day at 28th March. (up-down) Nila-Fitri-Me-Mak-Nurina. It visualized a strong sisterhood and a life style in the university. The concept was to put together the faces and furnished it with icons.

2007-Mak B’day at 20th September.

2007-Nila’s B’day

Collage and montage

Way back then when I was a newbe at Photoshop I tried to make some art by collage, I used pen tool to cut photos and composed them all together on the same space. I put celebs I fanned like Gaspard Ulliel (actor from Paris), Daniel Radclife, Jessica Stam (International Model) to decorate  my ‘canvas’.

then I added manual drawing illustration on it. Becoming Photo-illustration collage..

Below is my recent artwork where I decided to go back way then when the collage and composing were so hip..I had been inspired with Gulaku sugar TVC..candy and so colorful..

Aerial Photography

On 9row day 3 I presented a seminar about aerial photography by Deni Setiawan. Though the show only lasted  in 90 minutes it was shared  that aerial photography refers to take photographs of the ground from an elevated position and may be taken by photographer remotely or automaticaly using fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, poles, parachutes,vehicle mounted poles.