The little things she needs

Me and my husband went to Tunjungan Plaza mall bought shoes 4 me and 4 him a new shirt. We knew that these days when people fasting they would iftar at 5.30 and that was unfortunately we were stuck in. We were starving and desperate looking 4 place to dinner. There were hundreds of famine people queue at every corner of resto, cafe, and even at bread talk we could still find people jamming…oh man!After the battle with hunger zombies we succeeded to eat at TOP Noodle then we started our conquest with the counts of discounts..begins with shirt 4 my hubby…we went straight to the Matahari dept. store when suddenly I saw this store..called..”The Little Things She Needs”..gosh! I never seen a place like that be4*alay mode on* it was smashing!The walls like all made of shoes, I found lots of flats, pumps, wedges in various style and color..really candy…sweet..

Day 4-New Art Media by Benny&Erandaru

New media  is a process where new technologies are used by artists to create works that explore new modes of artistic expression. These new technologies include computers, information and communications technology, virtual or immersive environments, or sound engineering. They are the brushes and pens of a new generation of artists.
Australia Council

Genuine innovation requires taking risks. The challenge is to keep alive the process of experimentation, of pushing the boundaries into the future.
John Rimmer, Chair of New Media Arts Fund 1997-2000

It’s hard to explain in my own language about its definition, I think it’s an art created from something that involves code and decoding using information and communication technology.

while waiting 4  Erandaru presenting his new media art there were videos played to amuse us..watching all that made me think  many brilliant art sometimes coming from the simplest idea..

Erandaru orating his art work

lets find out in audio visual mode…check out the video shall we??

Day 3-Temu jawara lomba

I was wondering about the day after the community gathering, what could have happened to the crowd if it only about sharing of two people that often win design competitions…

Celcea and Raka brought the mood into the space with groovy songs…

On the first we’ve got pak Adi from interior design shared his experience on competing to other designers in many contest he followed, and how he manage his time between lecturing and doing contest..

yep, like I said…it was dull-at first but after that when it came to Rois the mood of the show was suddenly changed..he won more than 70 design competition in graphic and product designs…WOW!…I mean, what else you do in your life except winning the competition??This guy is totally wicked! both thumbs up to Rois..hahaha…

…I really envy this guy…boy!don’t you dare laughing just because you have MAC on you