BRAngerous Exclusively!-the prep

Friday mayday preparing for the next day exhibition, we’ve got girl power on the set installing the artworks, they kept coming, hehe..sadly we didn’t have the proper partition to hang them, we only borrowed for that, no wonder we got the random parts, one of them was only an old blackboard..that night was overwhelmed, something across my mind if we could make this exhibition look more prepared…well it is now our BIG task to raise up BRAngerous so it’ll be better in the future! Thanks for the super women that stood still against the shorts! Continue reading BRAngerous Exclusively!-the prep

Speak about UrbaNation on Kompas media

The day after I launched my post about UrbaNation I got interviewed by Kompas TV. Frankly speaking I was so nervous talking in front of the camera, even just a handy cam, I must admit that I wasn’t camera face at all..well I wasn’t prepare for that.

I explained UrbaNation is a celebration for urban arts show casing students art work responsing  the urban issues.

Meanwhile UrbaNation also been published in Metro TV

Sementara itu, Jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual (DKV) Universitas Kristen Petra (UK) Surabaya memamerkan sejumlah karya seni urban bertajuk “URBANation” di Ruang Pameran Perpustakaan, Gedung W, UKP Surabaya pada 26 September-22 Oktober 2011.

“Urban art tidak hanya diterjemahkan sebagai seni perkotaan atau seni yang dimunculkan oleh perkotaan, namun urban art (seni urban) adalah ungkapan rasa, refleksi maupun gagasan dari masyarakat perkotaan,” kata panitia pameran dari DKV UKP, Obed Bima Wicandra.

Oleh karena itu, seni urban yang mewujud dari budaya urban menghasilkan karya-karya seni yang cenderung orisinil dan tak menyoal ada-tidaknya kepentingan kapital (industri), di antaranya komik, mural, graffiti, zine, lomografi, urban toys (paper, resin, dan sejenisnya), desain karakter, digital painting, desain t-shirt, dan sebagainya.

“Seni urban kerap dihubungkan dengan tumbuhnya komunitas-komunitas yang sering tumbuh karena tren. Seni urban banyak pula yang mengaitkan dengan budaya anak muda perkotaan. Tidak salah memang, karena merekalah yang sering memiliki gagasan kebaruan, bahkan subversif atau berani menabrak pakem yang diciptakan oleh generasi senior mereka,” katanya. (Ant/ICH)

‘Portofolio and Conceptual Art’ by Benny and Nani

Today we were taught much about conceptual art, it is how you create an art with  idea and story behind it, it is not just about making something you love but to put a lil’ bit of you in the ‘masterpiece’ you make. That was all about in today discourse of DKV 5 Benny and Nani were willing to come and share their experience making arts. They both are alumni of DKV Petra and have been significantly perform their work based on their ability at the international level.

Benny is a New media artist and often show his work experimenting with almost everything he can find in daily basis, recently he became VJ (Visual Jockey) in several shows and exhibition performing a visual art using leafes-yep leafes, I can’t imagine that, can you?—if you’re interested with his creation and portofolio, log on to

Next we’ve got Nani on the second round of the sharing. She was defining her moment way back when she was in bachelor degree until  what she become now, she success embracing two Master degree of Design and Fine Art. The background of her education associated to her drawing skill through lots of experience and learning.

After the discourse we smiled  to the camera…my first impression she was so friendly..(this was captured by ms.Moy-thank you :P)

You can browse lots of her awesome work to

What I wore to work today

After juggling with stacks of clothes inside my closet I brought off this man shirt and mix matched it with tank top and jeans. I got inspired from Lydia at the day before, when she was wearing over sized shirt combined with legging and flats. To complete the style I pulled off my messenger bag to my hand and a gold over sized ring to my finger.