Art work for Brangerous

Me, Dinar and Nita were asked by C20 library to write a profile about the community we role in, Brangerous..The article needs to be submitted to Tinta from C20 before 1 January 2012..

The idea is to publish a  profile book about communities in Surabaya, particularly art community..spread from high  to low art..people who use public space to perform their arts, and those who display their work in galleries too, like Brangerous..yet we still have another issue to “sell”, that we’re girls against paradigm about “none can do arts better than boys”

The remnants

Today, me, my hubby and Dad are going to hunt photographs of  ‘oud’- in Dutch meaning ‘old’ -buildings in town. The Remnants that tell the history of Surabaya but not those posh colonial structures of colonialism we put on the view finder, we actually seek for something more interesting here, something more populist..civil houses, side street walks, and alleyways..The first spot is the small alleyway of settlement in Jl. Lemah Putro

Then we head to Jl. Bubutan and find out these perfect background with me as a model, structures in which the walls are chipped and the paint is peeled, their dusty surface tells history that have been kept for years and more years to come..

My hubby take this photo above

This is perfect for outdoor photo shoot

It’s getting better when we finally discover old houses  we’ve been searching for, next to the area we took before..I might say that these properties belong to once living in 1930’s yet they stand still to witness the changing times for more than 100 years.

Most of them have been renewed but one remains the same as it is 100 years ago when  a father of a 70 year old grandmother lived in this house in 1930’s

The journey of the past is over now, gladly we have taken lots of great pics of  ‘oud’ structure we can find in’s awesome to discover new things and documenting them, we need to do it more often, in fact  it’s a good idea to make your day during your holiday.

My wear to work

I just got home at 8.30 pm with all worn out body and dizziness I had along the way I drove home..suddenly when my hubby welcomed me with light kiss favored all my stuff into the house, all the ‘burden’ just gone away…off course it was all worthy for documenting what I worn before  I changed up and went to sleep..and BAM BAM flashes from my EOS 7D stroke me while I’m posing, my hubby did these for me…thank you darl…hehe, “he just have no idea that his sweethearts is so narcissistic”

Welcoming X’mas with Blue blazer

X’mas is near dear, I just can’t wait! The sound of X’mas song played in the Mall, on TV and Radio always make me chill like it’s all been set that X’mas should be happened in winter snow, and off course in Surabaya it use to happen when rainy season..below the pale sky I express my excitement welcoming this X’mas..

Blue blazer Gaudi, The Little Things She Needs shoes, and Qiu Boutique silver dress

me and my sist, Cicik

My fancy EOS camera bag

“Shout out for EOS Canon and the mighty red ringed lens obtained to my 7 D…I’m proud to be red and black..”

Yup I’m tellin’ ya this is a camera bag…I got this from Mrs. Nonis, a best friend of my aunt, a saint I must say…she’s been doing so much ‘miracle’ in my family, and she never take it all for when I bought 7D from her store too, I got discounts while others have to scratch for rupiahs to get this so called unaffordable gadget like these body and lens at once, but she gave me the price cutting  just like that…as well as the annually black forest given to us when X’ mas is coming..every year without absent, don’t care if we stop doing the same way replying back her good intentions..hehe..Anyway, this bag just simply ticking every squares on ‘my favorite stuff criteria’…it’s stylish,and it’s messenger that make it so special when you know that it’s actually a camera bag NOT a bag we use everyday.

“so provocative and edgy…”