Brangerous Going Public

It’s awesome to witness the community I’ve just  in, going public..after all this years been struggling and fighting to be seen..yep it’s Brangerous and it’s hype..fingers crossed for the girls troop to get the popularity and become the next BIG thing among the artists..among boys! So guys get ready coz we’re about to drop some feats!

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Tex saverio in Just Alvin

Like the coolest thing to get famous designers sketched for your occasional dress, that was Fitrop (Fitri Tropika) asking 5 Indonesia biggest designers-Ghea Panggabean-Ivan Gunawan-Sam Wattimena-Kleting Titis-Tex Saverio- drawing for her in Just Alvin on Metro TV last night, and one of the fashion extraordinaire was my fave-Tex Saverio. He is a “living legend” probably the youngest one who fit to the title. He becomes famous for his couture worn by Lady Gaga on Bazaar, see them below..

Lady Gaga May 2011
before worn by lady gaga

Tex in prior time was never completed his academic education, as he decided to leave the school so that he could focus on fashioning at early time, that was before he aged 21 until he received his first prestigious award for the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award, but at his age of 26 after he launched La Glacon, the dream come into its own to every pieces of his couture on Jakarta Fashion Week, the name of Tex Saverio had been the talk in this country ever since, of which the spreading out news finally heard by world, came to a turning point Lady Gaga who excited to wear one of his couture for Bazaar-May edition. Tex is known for the highly detail hand made extravagant dress that put up his name along with Alexander mcQueen, though sometimes it can be considered negatively as a copy cat, but Tex confirmed that he wasn’t grasping  mcQueen character not ever, yet it might seems to be familiar compared to mcQueen’s, however when people asking if Rio-Tex’s nick name-a fan of Mcqueen, he altered the answer as: ” I just love to bring out the extravagant through every pieces of my couture ” that’s he always do and as he said in VIVAnews: “Apapun yang terjadi, sampai mati aku pasti akan mencoba menjadi perancang busana,”

La Glacon
Tex's master piece

Fashion for work ‘Shift dress’

I shift to vintage my look for today’s style, I’m wearing a retro shift dress inspired by Twigy-Chanel ..back to 60’s when your lashes are bold and those eye lines are thick..the hair is short called pixie was all about the look in its own’s genuine, it’s vintage

Twiggy and shift dress
gaudi shift dress
gaudi shift dres

the cutting of shift dress and the lines as ornaments are probably inspired by Bauhaus, where the stick and stiff lines became the point of interest as if it balanced the entire look..

yves saint laurent mondrian shift dress
kirsten dunst purple shift dress celine sunglasses louis vuitton bag
oasis 60s banded shift dress SS 2011
oasis dogtooth SS 2011