Playing with bokeh

The minutes before hard rain hit Pakuwon City last night, me with my hubby went to The Food Festival and we took some pics with my new prime lens and created these bokeh pics instantly! The lampions there were out focused  became a glowing polka dots background because of the short focal length lens, as well as the main object popped out from the background.  Tantalizing!

fingers in the polkadots sky
flash and available light combination


Happy 3 friends

knit jumper black jeans legging and ankle boots
black leather bag and casual watch
suede khaki ankle boots
colorful: pink girlie dress with casual floral denim and sneakers
casual sneakers
bracelets double the fun
black vintage bag-aigner


Girlie casual: floral dress with cardi
pink watch match with the skirt
simple jelly shoes- super fun!

I’d like to thank Yolanda, Shafira and Shasa of course for letting me take their pic and commenting on their look..they were very nice! be seeing you guys…

Fashion for work

Today is the first day of the busy week,’s Monday..everybody hate Monday, so it’ll be OK if you dressed up to work in dark color or even in black to show your mood instead of bright colors, but I don’t, I wear yellow dress for today and blue cyan blazer that pretty much explain how I’m gonna deal with all the problems that might happen this Monday, so I’m ready!Rock on!

dress & blazer gaudi
house of harlow and dream catcher necklace


I was so thrilled when we finally made our commitment to reunite, yesterday, me, Mak-a.k.a Putri-,Nin gathered up at Pizza Hut Gallaxy Mall to lunch and of course to share and remembering moments we have had together as we are best friend. Lots of thing going on  in the process of our life, after graduate from ITS. The three of us  got a job in the same field-visual communication design-as a lecturer and became Mrs.

It’s shame that I didn’t documenting this well, I missed great pose and good composition instead.


me mak and nin
fish cihps-vegetarian pizza
can’t you belive mak is actually pregnant?yay!