smell of new stuff

I’ve just bought some stuffs yesterday since my wallet turns out to be disappointing junk, ripped off just couple of months use and my eye make up that just won’t come off by itself, that all urge me to splurge money in a skimpy manner-LOL

I got discount for 125 ml Loreal eye and lips remover compare to one I use to’s my lucky day..getting a better price and surprisingly more volume.

lip and eye make up remover loreal
orange wallet mango
what’s inside?

above is the purse I told you, hopefully it’s better than the previous one, but one lesson I got is to watch thoroughly your future Item before you buy it no matter what brand it is. Even the best brand  product might  have defections. So make sure it’s flawless, and more important it has long durability of use.

next is the super sexy glitter powder from MAC my sister gave to me-thanks to mbak Cicik-, it gleams your look once it applied to your face, with only just one touch of those gazillion glees will make you shine like a star. more thing, tint your lips with Revlon lipstick in certainly red color and you’ll look stunning, that’s for sure!

magic powder make up art cosmetics
certainly red revlon