Hi there Negozio..

A welcoming to my Negozio pal, a friend of mineĀ  Garcia Iktia-who has a beautifully handmade shoes shop online. It was founded in 2011 and straightly be worn by lots of celebs ever since, Popy Bunga, and Tyas Mirasih, I believe it because the precision that makes all of the shoes so similar with those ridicilously expensive shoes, yes..you’re not misread..Negozio is definitely your solution to get your fave shoes replicas

As a compliment I made this vintage banner design for Negozio and will have it displayed on my blog..and off course, once you get your cursor run over it, it will take you to Facebook page, that’s for sure..

lurycoco for negozio


Spheres Trinity

It was exciting to act out with British dialect on the preword, I hope my accent could spice this movie a little bit since this epic audio visual has strong Japanese flavor! Definitely a fun job to be a dubber in this action hero movie Spheres Trinity. A film by Jeffry Sung..enjoy

English Naration Opening Ver.
Directed By Jeffry Sung
Director of Photography: Paulus Rizal
Post Production: Charles Hartono

RAMA DJAMI as BENNY (Red Gallant)

First Episode:
Spheres Trinity is a continuation of the previous sequel, spheres unleashed / inherit the power which was produce by origin pictures in the year 2006, with the main character sam that can turn into a warrior name Zeal and Benny as Gallant knights can turn into a leader of 3 warriors of lights. Benny back at Spheres Trinity Web Series to reveal who the knights of the third light which is a nurse named Dewi who can turn into a warrior of light named Siva. Dewi also has a variety of obstacles in living himself as a warrior of light siva, he has a formidable opponent of the darkness that is named Lisa, a high school student who can turn into the dark knight named Hartrion.(courtesy of Origin Pictures)