The Keuken day 3

Just want to share what I had today, I went to Keukenn , a food fest at Lodaya with my friends..a bit drizzling and diffused the sky was, but I still managed to capture some of these pictures..enjoy

The Keuken day 3–people and spaces
mingle under the rain..
spices and spaces
sweet temptation
candy shop
te sate..
sustainable design-let’s live green
I want some..
street style–exquisite items
when takin’ this photo, Sari has been very sweet, humble and makes me say: “thank you darl.”.
street style
all you have to do is slide to order-ipad menu book
what would you like to order sir?
plant many?sure!
light bug in the bottle
the hunger game
grocery market



I’m leaving in Lala land

My life is changed now..I’ve been separated hundreds of miles away from my beloved one and my family for the sake of career

this is where I stay, sleep, study and pray…

catch a dream for me..while I sleep, my dream catcher

these are what I get my good mood back: the colorful of plains..and enjoy the breeze of Bandung from the balcony while having a coffee time and surfing on the internet working on my tranquilize..


the scenery beyond the balcony, that mountains background¬† signifying this place as cool, breeze, and peaceful residence..though maybe it’s contrast to one that you’ll get from five star hotel, for me this is zen..

balcony and beyond