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It’s been a while I didn’t do blogging, I’m idealist-kinda-to post just about everything in my daily life ’till you don’t realize that you have already polluted the cyber space with visual junk, or maybe I’m just to ‘busy’ school, and writing..Yes writing, do you know how important is that to be able to make essay, journal or do some research in Master degree and Phd. You have to have a hypotheses and make an antitheses about it-research it, and by which you’ll find your theses where the doubts, questions and curiosity will all be answered. Speaking of writing, I too have tried to make some, actually they’re all from my class tasks. The topic is engaging virtuality, cultural studies, and postmodernism. The method is hermeneutics and enriched by semiotics. Anyway I’ve got my essay published today at DGI (Desain Grafis Indonesia), A portal for those designers as well as educative and practitioners to collaborate their knowledge about graphic design focused in research and design development.

This brilliant site was founded on March 13, 2007 by one of the Indonesia’s senior graphic designer Hanny Kardinata. DGI is a virtual blue print for  young designers to track down their predecessors, to documenting the history of art, design, culture and society. For me it’s an honor to become part of it.

DGI new archieve 30th January 2013
My profile at DGI

“Ruang Virtual dan Ruang Realitas” can be downloaded here