One step at the time

The earth where we belong is getting old and sick, global warming and ecological footprint become the major problem for a long time. We’ve been struggling to balancing them, and still not much change as it is today. Every decision that we’ve made  has left  ecological trace that soon will destroy our beloved planet. Yet we still have another years to come for our children and grandsons. The traces was the diapers at the infant age, tons of packed milks, or can milks, groceries in plastic wrap on markets, e-waste and goodies with packages we consumed 24/7, seven days a week, a month, a year for the rest of our lives. Further more these traces have reduced spaces on earth and caused area loss for some of us who live in Africa or countries with less ecological footprints. Imagine how many trees been cut down for just one diaper, plastic packages that brought human into the more complex process in the making and recycling them. Additionally, they are all time and space consuming.

so what we do now, I know not everyone is committed to this issue, but since we cannot ever put up against the Government, parties, or capitalists to force them being more responsible about the environment nor we can push the people that unaware to become aware, even worse there are those who prefer to abstain and act like they don’t care. Well then it’s time to change the situation starts from you, yourself.

start with the checklist you can make on your own

Actually there are many many things you can do to save the planet, when you assign the checklist, be committed is the thing that come up first , so choose whatever possible to you to do it. I, myself based on the list above, prefer to take plane at least once in a month-since my hubby in Surabaya and me in Bandung, and when I go around the city I walk or use public transport instead. At home I use to unplug all appliances that not in use. While working on desktop I always delete all junk mails, and put on energy saving wallpaper. I choose email and digitize all writing documents instead. I start to eat more veggies and be less carnivore. Use clothes line than the dryer. Save energy means save more money. All these things sure need to be shouted out loud. For you within your community, make an event about ecology and start to educate people by awareness.

When all the changes for the healthier earth is in our hands, embrace yourself and be strong to commit to save the green planet we live in, in fact everything become a lot easier nowadays since internet provides us with knowledge universe and it’s fast spreading. So what you waiting for..start making it, now!