Start from scratch

I’m starting to writing again after a long long months break, mainly because I don’t have any cameras coz I’ve decided to leave them in Surabaya..stay in Bandung apparently will make them musty specially its lens, secondly I don’t have a tripod to support it. This duo will work best capture my entire look  for daily wear category in this blog, and to be more creative in exploring still life object such as foods, stuffs, my make up hauls, etc. BUT Now, I have em all, so that means, I can freely write again.

anyway,it’s my first posting in this year, surely I missed a lot of big events; Christmas,  the ‘counting down’ towards the new year,  the very first day of 2014 and many things that happened in between. Oh and also a new house, where me and hubby still on going to  furnish it-that’ll be another post about designing the interior-but on Saturday in our escape to Kawah Putih-60 km way from Bandung, we went to Ciwidey by motor cycle we rent and  it was fun-adrenalin pumping. It took for about 3 hours  but then only 2 hours when we went back to Bandung because of another path we took..enough said these are my precious memories I captured from the adventure land of Kawah Putih..enjoy!


caught a lunch at Bale Bambu 11 km before Kawah PutihIMG_9951