The Graduation

‘As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever’
The song ‘Graduation’ from Vitamin C keeps rolling in my head as I, hubby and my folks go to Bandung to attend my master grad ceremony at Sabuga…finally it’s officially M.Ds  (Magister Desain).

IMG_1892Another is  to get some retreat  from work, releasing stress with indulging foods, going sidewalks at the city, or simply feeling the cool breeze weather coming from the mountains that surround it. But sad 🙁 I forgot to capture them..Anyway for this ‘big event’ I decided that I’m not going to use professionals to do the make up, simply to save more money to buy the make up tools for my own, besides I think I have a good taste and skill on doing this thing, I’m pretty sure about it, but that means I have to get up earlier to do it on myself first before I help mom worries, I got this..

Voila! Bollywood celebrities..Is it me or this hunky darl looks like one in Mahabarata movie, regardless the 'Nyonya' near him..haha..absurd.
Voila! Bollywood celebrities..Is it me or this hunky darl looks like one in Mahabarata movie, regardless the ‘Nyonya’ near him..haha..absurd.
to deal with my saggy-hooded eyes I put on shade upwards towards the brow line that creates illusion of more lifted eyes..thanks Youtube!

it's me on the middle waiting for the calling
It’s me on the middle waiting for the calling

That’s me..right at this time I feel like my heart is about to jump out of my chest, feel so excited and nervous at the same time, it’s overwhelming..I’m on my feet proudly whispering to myself…A Cum’re rock!!

The epic event..Sabuga is full with the crowd and the prospective graduates are among them..the excitement is in the air..
The epic event..Sabuga is full with the crowd and the prospective graduates are among them..the excitement is in the air..

It’s cliche but this event is the important moment to me, for most people too I believe, so why not I preserve it in a conventional way in paper formats. Some preserving moments in a digital way, however  it’s still part of Kodak culture that we can’t never change completely, digital technology is complementing it. We have apps, digital album storage, sharing and tagging in social media yet at the same time keeping the shoe box full of photo papers of our ‘best’ moments or scrapbooks with photo clips inside it, anyway these are some the best moment taken during and after the event..
I guess this one is worth to be printed on paper regards the authentic background that you’ll never have in any photo studios!
What a coincidence! Dad’s idea is brilliant..looks like that grand piano become handy to make this photo two times cooler!
Pose with my bro Guguh Sujatmiko
Pose with my bro Guguh Sujatmiko
(left to right): Ira-Tiara-Dhara-Echa-Kharista-Guguh. Thanks for coming guys!
Pose with Lithia with two photo bombers Hani and Atria, hardly to recognize her with the face she makes..haha
(left to right): Pauline-Atria-Hani-Inggrid-Guguh-Lithia-Nova-Bintang

Well..that is that my graduation missing it..


lurycoco.comlurycoco.comlurycoco.comWe went to the opening  of Mooi Indie photo exhibition at Spazio, a sociohistorical culture event  featuring ‘Portrait of Life’ of Jean Demmeni, curated by archivist from ANRI (Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia)  Mona Lohanda, Ph.D who also a historian focusing on Batavia or we call it today as Jakarta. Jean was a government photographer from Netherlands. Equipped and privileged by the government she managed to capture colonialism in Indonesia back then around 1866-1939. Her works representing the condition of modernization and industrialization Dutch brought into this country, from agricultural to factories, seafaring and trading.

Overall these works showed that ‘de Nederlanders’ domineered ‘de inlanders’ but at the same time they made them civilized. Jean also documented the beauty of landscapes and human interests of  the native land-a Mooi Indie.
Mona Lohanda is saying how important to always remember our history, to learn mistakes that we did in the past, hope that next time we won’t be trapped in the same whole again.

When seeing to these photographs it is so mind boggling we wondered how at the time Indonesia became so industrialized and modernized that  somehow nowadays our beloved country is supposed to be standing side by side with Korean, Japan or maybe China, but unfortunately the reality tells otherwise.
Cute guy in blue t’s overthere..makes me swoon..
Ambonise soldier…the 3D effect on the picture above caused by fixed lenses. They generates a wider angle when aiming the object and a short focus length, making the objects that far behind the main focus look entirely washed out or dissolved out
That night there are height (see the two ‘bule’ near to the boy) and culture differences but united in the past until this present day at Mooi Indie 🙂

In the meantime  by continuously reflecting ourselves with the past we  can learn lessons as an improvement to  the way of thinking, acting  and seeing the world around us for the better future.
Tired but feeling lucky and amused.
Keroentjoeng Orchestra

IMG_1753The whole show  was amusing,after several welcome speeches including from Mrs. Mona Lohanda herself , the guests were welcomed to enjoy the complements of the  event, while listening to the traditional music of Keroncong we mingled with other guests eating authentic cuisine of the Inlander heritage..siomay Bandung, satai and ‘bubur kendil’ Madura..perfect!
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