Fashion Drawing community service @ Vita School

I got the change to share one my skill and knowledge that I always find out to be exciting, fun, and cool since first time I knew about art – fashion drawing-to the 3rd year students of Vita School’s junior high. It is something that I’m definitely, obviously, 100% good at, since I never get along with Maths, Physics, or anything that related to the exact Science. Anyway for the two days short course of Fashion Drawing I’m not all alone, I’ve got Esa and Astha accompanying me to teach the class. Day #1 we’re sharing hot to draw a fashion figure based on the 9 heads Croquis. Never have difficulties when guiding 14 ultra energized 16th year old teenagers, I mean what could be worse? They’ re just loud and sometimes need some effort to get their attentions , that’s all. Nothing serious. We’ll just have to have a big heart and take it easy.

lurycoco.comlurycoco.comlurycoco.comThe second day we teach them how to draw fashion illustration with their personal touches, bring out strong character on their drawing. Laura Laine’s, Paper Fashion’s and some Deviant Art artists artworks used as the examples. The students start to make their own masterpieces with paper or fabric collage, put some glitters and even real flowers to complete it. Never really thought that they actually pull it off..good job girls, we’re feeling appreciated and we appreciate every effort you guys do.

lurycoco.comWe collect all the artworks and we’re so proud of them..can’t wait for the next class, hope we’re ‘trusted’ again to teach the senior high. Thanks Vita School for the opportunity.

IMG_4138 IMG_4139

Kids Creative Studio community service

Another opportunities for me to balancing up between my career as a lecturer and as a researcher is to involve in the community service of ‘Sanggar Kreatif Anak’ with the help of the students.
First day, the girls are making photo collages.

On the first day we teach these elementary school kids from Siwalankerto a photo collage. The next day they try to scrapbooking their own self-portrait using popsicle sticks, some colorful buttons, ribbon and origami paper..(sadly..I forgot to capture the results 🙁 but at least I get their best moments down bellow)

Making scrap book of their self portrait..the second day
Making scrap book of their self portrait..the second day

lurycoco.comIt was fun, challenging (since they brought up in a different neighborhood) and energy draining to finally implements my knowledge in this community service and to get to know them closely, but all in all I’m satisfied and happy..

lurycoco.comBye-bye my little friends, hope seeing you again next semester..


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