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Took a long time to write even a small paragraph in this blog about what happened in my life through these years. At first blogging became a place to share my thoughts, my passion and creativity, it was a-couldn’t wait to post something again-thing it became an addiction to me, then i realized that every good thing always come to an end. I got bored, I lost my passion to blog…maybe because I’m desperate waiting feedback from the real one -the real people,¬† not the spam comments, maybe I’m disappointed not getting any opportunities like most blogger do, and the content seemed not going elsewhere, stagnant, may be because this blog is too long floating in cyber space. I’ve tried to write again but it was an on off situation, it always time consuming and the inevitably mood swing made it even harder. Drafts by drafts were abandoned just like that, most of them were just texts waiting to be completed with pictures and photos, I don’t know if I could finish them, besides I was busy doing my study at ITB in 2012 ’til last year on august 12 I graduated. Again at December me and my hubby, we were surprised by the two stripes appeared on test pack-I’m pregnant, the next thing was definitely¬† I ‘quit’ blogging for 9 months during my pregnancy. Now after so many misfit here and there juggling between me being wife, mom and a career spirit is back! I realized that doing THIS is so important, I care no more about feedback, all I do is to write memory¬† that my children will someday read and recognized their being, who their parents were, what they did, what their passions were.

And here I start, in 2014 December 17th I got pregnant, it was early in the morning when I decided to take pregnant test, because at that time I hadn’t got my period for about a week. Then the two stripes appeared and I was shocked. We had been trying to have a baby, it took a while but finally God trusted us the responsibility to taking care Glory-we named her after the name Guritno and Luri, Glory also means precious, noble, or something like that.

months of pregnancy
months of pregnancy

in the first trimester when most women struggling with their hormones and morning sick, I didn’t. It was very convenient despite having cramps on my lower abs once in a while, not much problem in the second trimester as well, but when it comes to the last trimester, my pelvis area got sore, it became very hurt every time I rose from the seat I couldn’t walk immediately. Painful to walk, painful to sleep and the worst was when to get out of the bed. A simple activity was very hard to do, like going to the bathroom so painful to walk while so urging to pee–just imagine! I remember I used to pee on the mug and often to spill some on the floor and made my hubby cleaned it because I couldn’t bend over..LOL

Giving birth to Glory Ariane Margetta
Giving birth to Glory Ariane Margetta at RSIA Kendang Sari Surabaya

On 39 weeks, she finally born, weight 50 grams lighter than the doctor predict to be, she weight 2,950 grams. Oyi-that’s what we call her.

Glory sunbathing 24 hours after delivered
Glory sunbathing 24 hours after delivered..the redness appeared on the cheek caused by an allergy..

IMG_1829Day by day, it’s like having new features added to this little creature, today we find out that she can see and recognize us, the next day she laughing so hard when see us, everyday we see new feature on her. we know that she’s a big responsibility, to raise her with love and goodness until she growing up is never be an easy task.