Accessorize yourself-late post

This is a late post about how to giving accentuation on your look with accessories. They can be necklace,scarf,shoes glasses or even nail polish..the tips:wear safe clothes,a plain blouse or a shirt with pants or skirt. Black or white will do,then add a personal touch with colorful accessories..neon yellow or hot pink always good for a start.

Bellow are the mixes and matches for workwear and formal party.
moodboard3 moodboard2 moodboard1

I’m wearing Zalora asymmetric black dress and Zara Blucher

Solid food for Oi

Hi Moms out there..when your baby starts to sit on her own, and tries to put just about everything on her mouth, she even notices you eating, curious about the food you bring into your mouth, these are showing that she is ready to solid food. theoretically it should be introduced to 6 months old baby. So too Oi when she was almost ready for her first solids , I was so excited and couldn’t waited to teach her baby led weaning or BLW instead of the conventional spoon feeding technique, so I browsed and watched Youtube about the tutorial and jumped into it straight-I got Oi sat down on the high chair and ate banana..I remember how happy me and my hubby saw her ability for first timer to grab and put her own food into her mouth. I read that sometimes your baby would gag NOT choke but I shouldn’t be worry because it was one of the esophagus defense system, the baby knew how to filter what should and what shouldn’t be swallowed. By doing BLW, the baby would learn how to chew first before finally shallow the food, on the contrary when you spoon-feeding your baby, she/he wouldn’t chew but let the food come sliding through inside. This could cause the baby choking, and it could be dangerous, that’s why people still find difficulties to tell the difference between gagging and choking, you’ll be able to do so if you adapt BLW to your baby. People kept telling me not to do this method for these reasons:one is the gagging or choking thing-it is always creepy to watch your lil’ baby act like she needs air, she keeps open her mouth, her eyes are tearing, she almost struggling to breathe!!! two-the baby will look skinnier third is that your child will be able to eat on her own when she’s grown up anyway..

I finally gave up, I didn’t do BLW on Oi anymore, it was so difficult, harder than expressing breast milk while working, it stressed me up, specially when I found out by then Oi started to have difficulties on pooping, there were several times she cried and screamed painfully pushing the feces out. For now, I feed her with spoon and still she doesn’t poop daily. Now we help her constipation problem with medication. The problem wass never on her eating method-BLW – it might be the food portion I gave her on her early time when I decided to use spoon feeding. It was too many, and her colon, or intestine mightn’t have been able to digest well.

This was the glorious moment of Glory- when I found out that my baby was able to eat by herself




What I do on work

It’s mid-term exam week..classes are halfway done for this semester, everything start to going easy now, specially me..coz I get my me time again..and that means more time doing blogging, doodling and hopefully vlogging course I’ll prepare my self with a full armor of camera, mono pod and the most of all a strong motivation mixed with hard work.

I promise to myself that I’ll be blogging often, and soon this diary writing will be made as a video, yup! a video blog about my daily basis activity.

On the mean time this is what I do on work…being ‘kekinian’ is what I’m doing. Today after the hectic hour routine preparing BLW (baby led weaning) for Oi and breakfast for her dad, so that they could seat together (I’ll write another post about BLW later), and expressing  milk though just for 2 oz but that really runs the stock rotation inside the fridge-Oi needs 7 oz milk per day since she’s 8 months now-  I get ready for work. I’m wearing this masterpiece of mine from LCArtClothing– a yellow chic blouse-paired it with loose trousers from Dorothy Perkins and matched ’em up with this golden cardigan from Accents, I’m wearing gladiator sandals and my all time fave-a faux leather sling bag from Zara..and here it Monday look

IMG_1768IMG_1771At 11.00 am I have to pump my breast milk again, ideally I’ll do it for every 2 hours in order to maintain the production of my milk, even back then I could get 3 to 4 bottles per day,now it seems impossible..luckily Oi doesn’t need that much, because she’s “MPASI” now..

daym..why I posted about this so late , If only I posted it earlier back then when I was on my hay day, the bottle could have been full with milk.

Tips for working mommas out there, don’t ya’ll be stressed out, just relax and eat a lot..then the milk production will be flowing seamlessly..hahaha

End for today..hopefully tomorrow I’ll bring something new..see you guys



Offline to Online little black journal

How happy I am, my hubby gave me a little black journal that comes with a surprising gimmick-it tells you to scan the bar code at the backside of the book in order to make an account in the apps. And that’s it..everything you jot down on the journal you have it on your Ipad as well by scanning the page you’ve made. Well, to be honest I’m not that into this, so I’m not gonna  find out how it works and try the apps and make my offline note goes online, I just celebrate the pop culture that’s happening now and by the fact that the idea of offline goes online of a book is kinda cool, and  that’s it. I mean, you can DIY yourself this-offline-to-online-thing, you don’t need apps, you take picture using your gadget’s camera instead of scanning your note! BUT the design is cool, I like the color black and the paper quality is pretty good, so it’s worth having.

IMG_2920 IMG_2922 IMG_2923You can watch the tutorial video here

Lil’ Barbarians-late post

We were having a family gathering dinner at D’cost restaurant with grannies and aunties and uncles..Oyi and her big nephew Evan stole the spotlight that night, these chunky babies were so adorable with their cute outfit that I care no more of anything else around..forget about the menus, the place-the hectic buzzing clanking of people busy eating, the struggling to speak at people next to you because you have to yell, forget them! me, my hubby, and my brother with his wife were completely forgot about that unpleasant situation because we focused on Oyi and Evan. We even put them in the strollers and walked around the site, so cute these babies were.

Me, Oyi, Mbak Cicik and Evan
Me, Oyi, Mbak Cicik and Evan

IMG_1700The  dinner was okay but thankful we could get together as a big family again this year, I really appreciate this gathering my uncles and aunties had been prepared for…thanks guys

IMG_3012IMG_3003IMG_2975Oyi and I photobomb Titi and Yangwin..haha

little drunken masters