Exhibition haul

Yeay Finally I can post my latest artwork from Munipicium Ars International Art Exhibition held on Petra Christian University and ModCon. The first one was basically for the lecturers and students around the world responding on how they saw people and the city where they live and what was going on in there through arts. People from Netherlands, England, Japan and China had been joining in this event, so it was super cool, as a matter of fact I can get credit points by participating to this international exhibition. The next one  I was participating to was Modcon (Modern Conference). It was a competition under the collaboration of Jakarta 32 c and The Australian embassy. The goal is to engaging the newcomer artists, professionals and students to create their masterpiece and a platform to showing it off. So here are my process that I had been done all through in order to create the work.

These are my work for Munipicium Ars at 15th-18th August 2016. I superimposed two objects, the city building and the profile picture of Esa. The old Surabaya remake pictures as shown bellow were my college work in the final year at 2008.

internatiosmallIMG_2790Sensuality of oude city-InternatioIMG_2797smallIMG_2786smallSensuality-of-oude-city--monumen-persPhoto by me. Model by Esa Dora


..and here is my work for ModCon with the concept shown bellow..

‘The Digital Makeover displays ‘pretty’ bluntly what technology is capable of. The man bestie constructs almost everything in our life and it seems so helpful that we become addicted to it like the apps on our gadgets and cellphones. The beauty apps for instance, constructs the way of women see beauty especially in Indonesia. Young girls rapidly apply effects and filters within the beauty apps because having a fair skin, heart-shaped face, wide eyes are considered as beauty. Just tap, tap, tap on the screen, the face will instantly look beautiful without any cost. The girls love it, so every time they take selfies, they edit their photo. Its easy, and totally fun to do. More so it become a ‘ritual’ in today’s society.

The mundane activity celebrates beauty as just some cover, forgetting the essence, abandoning what’s really real. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not, true or false as long as it’s fun, it’s cool. Indonesian women are losing their real beauty: tanned skin, with narrow eyes and broader jaw-Malayness kinda look, substituted with the new construction of beauty that is more Korean and Caucasian.


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Photo session haul

Things are going so fast these days, I want to catch some memories before they go away..lately I’ve been doing couples of photo shoots of many occasions, from my baby 1st B’day to the artwork for an art exhibition, from the indoor  to the outdoor photo takes. It took me sometimes to get comfy with the gear-my 7D Canon-again, since the pregnancy and being a new mom putting me out of it for a while.

these are very very late posts, documentation of my girl’s 1st B’day party. It was 9th August 2016, we held a little party inviting colleagues, friends and family, but unfortunately most of the guests were not coming so the party was a little dull. A bit disappointment since we had prepared a special catering to complement the party. I was hoping that it would be more crowds, to be honest..

IMG_2857 IMG_2859 IMG_2826 IMG_2824Really appreciate that moment, you just never go back to that time. I’ve got Jessica with Reino-Oi’s future BFF-my beloved brother with his wife mbak Cicik and off course Evan-Oi’s cousin to add the cuteness in the frame…oh, it was priceless!

8 7 and then we moving on to this little photo shoot of Esa, my pretty friend here was posing for Municium Ars Exhibition for my artwork. I brought out the double exposure as the concept and the tittle was Sensuality some thing… I even forgot..hahaha, but the point was to superimpose two photos, that were her profile and the city panoramic of Surabaya. Something about double expose I found pretty interesting so I searched the how to on Youtube, after that I put the photos through the post production process and voila!

Sensuality of oude city-Internatio

IMG_2786 IMG_2790

the latest project was for the campaign of University’s code of conduct of clothing, how the students, lectures, and people should dress in the campus. I enjoyed this photo takes, working together with my colleague bu Maya, and these three models-Jeje, Elisa and Elia the twins.

IMG_2937 IMG_2949 IMG_2972 IMG_3011 IMG_3062 IMG_3080 IMG_3105