Bermi epic gateway

This post should have been here long time ago..but since I just got the change to write down this epic story of an epic journey just weeks after, what can I say..”late is way better than nothing at all”.

This was also the first time Oi joining the holiday, by far  for almost 2 years we just went domestic and that is  from mall to mall in Surabaya, boring I know…

Ayer Dingin as cool as it sounds, was the destination that meet our expectation, The Ming’s family, the first son Carten is the one that always put the best service first to whomever that stay at their beautiful cottage. The air, the surrounding, the place, the hospitality and the karaoke was super fun. Located at Bermi, Probolinggo the temperature at night was dropped down till 15 degree celsius, my body was having a little bit hypothermia, I even putting a balaclava plus 2 -layer-blankets, plus a full cover clothes on,  when sleeping. Slept at ‘1x1m wood cabin’ surrounded by humid plants and moss created a gloomy, out of this world setting.

The next morning  we walked through vegetables fields, shrubbery, grass, small path, riverside, you name it, just to experience the raw thing like milking straight from the cow with your bare hands. Fortunately let these expertise did their job, all I need to do was just watching the whole process where the fresh milk was pasteurized by boiling it at 70 degree Celsius at the nearest kitchen available. Very practical and functional I guess, and what interested me was that these people had long become part of Nestle CSR (corporate social responsibility). The biggest consumer good company had established ‘Olah Limbah Jadi Berkah” program that generated Biogas from raw materials such as agricultural waste-cow’s feces, moreover as all the facility has been provided by Nestle to these people, in return  the company would get dairy milk from them daily to be processed afterwards.

The babies are sleeping while moms harvesting carrots.
Pull and Carrots a new way harvesting the beta carotene veggies.

The place, the people, the food, and most of all the hospitality left a good memories about Ayer Dingin, definitely going there again soon. Thank you Carten and Pak Ming.





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