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Aerial Photography

On 9row day 3 I presented a seminar about aerial photography by Deni Setiawan. Though the show only lasted  in 90 minutes it was shared  that aerial photography refers to take photographs of the ground from an elevated position and may be taken by photographer remotely or automaticaly using fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, poles, parachutes,vehicle mounted poles.

DKV Final Project exhibition at Grand City- 9row Day 1

Visual Communication Design held an exhibition at Grand City. It displayed more than 50 final projects, they were books, promotions, interactive media, photography and many some quick look..

The overall  theme is 9row which means that DKV Petra is developing from time to time ’till today. The number ‘9’ as in ‘grow’ describes how many times the exhibition is held.

“GOOD is only the beginning” tag lined the exhibition this year..I think it’s kinda showing off to the people that DKV Petra is better and better each year through its final projects displayed in Grand City ground floor.

9row is analog with something green, a plant that can survive long…and it’s banana…a gigantic banana will be appeared as the icon and shows up as ornaments on the decoration..

At the opening ceremony..The dean was so excited when he pulled out the drapery and found out what was it beyond…surprise…a gigantic banana

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