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Accessorize yourself-late post

This is a late post about how to giving accentuation on your look with accessories. They can be necklace,scarf,shoes glasses or even nail polish..the tips:wear safe clothes,a plain blouse or a shirt with pants or skirt. Black or white will do,then add a personal touch with colorful accessories..neon yellow or hot pink always good for a start.

Bellow are the mixes and matches for workwear and formal party.
moodboard3 moodboard2 moodboard1

I’m wearing Zalora asymmetric black dress and Zara Blucher

What I do on work

It’s mid-term exam week..classes are halfway done for this semester, everything start to going easy now, specially me..coz I get my me time again..and that means more time doing blogging, doodling and hopefully vlogging course I’ll prepare my self with a full armor of camera, mono pod and the most of all a strong motivation mixed with hard work.

I promise to myself that I’ll be blogging often, and soon this diary writing will be made as a video, yup! a video blog about my daily basis activity.

On the mean time this is what I do on work…being ‘kekinian’ is what I’m doing. Today after the hectic hour routine preparing BLW (baby led weaning) for Oi and breakfast for her dad, so that they could seat together (I’ll write another post about BLW later), and expressing  milk though just for 2 oz but that really runs the stock rotation inside the fridge-Oi needs 7 oz milk per day since she’s 8 months now-  I get ready for work. I’m wearing this masterpiece of mine from LCArtClothing– a yellow chic blouse-paired it with loose trousers from Dorothy Perkins and matched ’em up with this golden cardigan from Accents, I’m wearing gladiator sandals and my all time fave-a faux leather sling bag from Zara..and here it Monday look

IMG_1768IMG_1771At 11.00 am I have to pump my breast milk again, ideally I’ll do it for every 2 hours in order to maintain the production of my milk, even back then I could get 3 to 4 bottles per day,now it seems impossible..luckily Oi doesn’t need that much, because she’s “MPASI” now..

daym..why I posted about this so late , If only I posted it earlier back then when I was on my hay day, the bottle could have been full with milk.

Tips for working mommas out there, don’t ya’ll be stressed out, just relax and eat a lot..then the milk production will be flowing seamlessly..hahaha

End for today..hopefully tomorrow I’ll bring something new..see you guys



Meeting Up with Embran Nawawi

Call of duty preparing curriculum  for fashion program under the Visual Communication Design  department brought together me and Embran Nawawi along with my colleges at Petra Christian University where I work. The program will be opened in 2017 as well as the new building-called P2 on the west side of P building-operate next year..
During the conversation with the multi talented Embran I learnt a lot about fashion..the craft and textile graduate explained so much on how fashion design today should be brought to creative industry and that Indonesian designers should understand thoroughly about tradition or heritage to be on  his/her work as an emphasis, not just as a banal has to have values.
And about the sustainability fashion as a theme for our fashion program, he opened my eyes that being ‘sustainable’ wasn’t  only about economy or Eco design with zero waste and no chemicals added. It was beyond than that, for example batik coloring, batik with a good quality color tended to have a chemical processes behind it, the chemical mixing color would enhance the tint on batik, yet it’s more economical. Batik with natural dyeing such as black indigo or orange from Mengkudu fruit will be tagged for a higher price, yet to deliver it  is surprisingly not environmental friendly at all. It could take many trees and other important natural resources  to be cut and crushed just to dyeing very little amount of fabric, imagine how many trees and soils  we destroy if we wanted to dye more material? He continued. Such information these ‘go green’ activists never share to us..after all this time I thought that being green was to stop using chemicals at all..I didn’t think that far, all I knew was the ‘propaganda’ of natural dyeing against the chemical one.’

Natural dyeing with black bean
Dip dyeing process

Anyway as for fashion design curriculum he told us to prepare with credible lecturers who knew well about fashion, it’s core concepts and trend forecasting, off course one of them would definitely be mas Embran himself, hehe…how cool is that to have him as a lecturer of fashion design Petra Christian University.

Embran Nawawi batik designer (C) shows new innovation of Maduranese stamp batik collection on October 1, 2013 in Surabaya, Indonesia. UNESCO give recognition and formally endorsed Indonesian Batik as a World Cultural Heritage on October 2, 2009 and the date used as the Batik Day. Courtesy of

My next task is to make a power point presentation, brought all the knowledge above-sustainable fashion, creative industry and traditional textile, include the curriculum  on to the slides. I’m gonna make that very each slide bombastic, tantalizing and awesome enough so that the foundation will be more convinced to activate fashion design department soon.


Any useful information about dip dyeing and batik is to log on to


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#1 Fashion Momentum with Pison Art N Fashion Foundation

So lucky to be invited in Fashion Momentum with PISON Art N Fashion Foundation this weekends at SUTOS, there were drawing workshop, talk shows and  fashion shows..well, if it wasn’t for the institution’s plan opening the new department in fashion I definitely wouldn’t be there.. So me and my friends-Astha and Esa, we’re on a mission looking for any useful information in order to support  the new department for the institution we work for.

lurycoco.comOn Friday we met Machiko Maeyama, a Manga painter from Japan. She shared us how to drawing and coloring Manga-not the one we had expected for actually, the real fashion drawing was all we need. Not surprisingly this workshop was to promote drawing pen.. *sigh*
Machiko and the million dollar drawing pens
Machiko showed us the drawing and coloring steps
Machiko showed us the drawing and coloring steps
A bit disappointing, at least  we found a way to enjoy  the event by doing this
A bit disappointing, at least we found a way to enjoy the event by doing this. Never thought that matching my blouse with flare skirt and cardigan like this would look cute to work.
Esa and Astha
Esa and Astha
we do enjoying this one. Whose got the better skill in coloring?
we do enjoying this one. Whose got the better skill in coloring?

Also displayed the student’s artworks of PISON along the arcade, there were more than 30 artworks, including haute couture and  ready to wear and kids collections.

haute couture collections
haute couture collections

Pretty collections specially the haute couture..PISON got lots of talents here..we really appreciate their artworks. Not to forget the mission by the way, we managed to get several name cards from the display. Who knows 2 years from now these young designers will be tutors in our new department. Check out for day 2 report of Fashion Momentum with Pison Art N Fashion Foundation here.