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Je Ne Sais Quoi part 2

The queen of gender and feminism, a friend of mine Aniendya alongside with her cute ‘couture’ artwork “Yoni”

The crowd was crazy and the exhibition had been extended right by happened longer than it used to be on the poster. This time most of the artwork had something that innovative, interactive and edgy. A honorable mention were the SuBo-stand for Suro and Boyo-an awesome 3D-printed character of the urban folktale animal of Surabaya created by my college who’s also happen to be my boss-Pak Aris  ( , and a versatile algorithmic 3D simulated paper craft  hanging on the wall, a reminiscence of  its creator’s visage worth to acclamation-“Selepas Belantara” by Erandaru Srisanto. BUT the Mirror on the wall said that the fairest of them all was the one and only..the one that also stole the most press attention was Cindy and Piyok’s work..

That was the majestic optical illusion shadow playing mock up of Surabaya’s city scrappers-“KOTAKITA”. Even the best part was that they built up the mini version of the famous features in Surabaya, such as BNI tower, Graha Pena, Tugu Pahlawan and The historical Jembatan Merah. Nodded envy-ly this work rocked the event, they stole the spotlight! Off course from the moment the exhibition was opened ’till the last day this event was ever happened, the press just kept coming again and again, and it was definitely become ‘the face’ on every headlines these journalists ever wrote about.


Je Ne Sais Quoi “Kotakukotakita” Exhibition at House of Sampoerna part 1

Je Ne Sais Quoi is an expression to describe something that someone really attached to it and become so hopelessly fascinated that he/she ‘s not able to explain what’s ‘the thing’ that makes something so special..A depression in a good way, it also means that when something is so wrong it’s right.

The Jargon above  is probably familiar in the context of Fashion. it almost a coincidence I read this savy pocket book-I forget the title was- and all of sudden this France phrase got me attention..Je Ne Sais Quoi then became the name of my artwork this year, in an venture of Visual Communication Design department and House of Sampoerna celebrated 274th Surabaya anniversary on May 2017. Kotakukotakita is the big theme that’s going to bring this exhibition to the next level.

Some of the art pieces are interactive and in advance of technology. There will be an optical illusion playing with shadows and lights projected onto 3D model city scape of Surabaya, another art work is a mini sculpt molded through Blender (3D animation engine) and run into a 3D printing. Mine is mindblowingly goes side by side with the other two ‘back to the future’ works, a-virtual reality-scape showing Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya  in 360 panoramic view,  along side these there exotic-skinned fashion figures posing fiercely through the lens of Google cardboard. One can experience being inside the environment and seeing the 3D model of Tunjungan Plasa city scape but in a fashionable way.

Je Ne Sais Quoi Google Cardboard

Imitating the model pose while loading all the artwork for the exhibition at House of Sampoerna

Scan the QR code on the poster within my artwork and download the VR-scape on your phone. Place the phone in the Google cardboard, activate it and Voila!! step into the VR environment.

I’ll update you guys latter..see you on the  next report about the press con followed up with the opening.







Exhibition haul

Yeay Finally I can post my latest artwork from Munipicium Ars International Art Exhibition held on Petra Christian University and ModCon. The first one was basically for the lecturers and students around the world responding on how they saw people and the city where they live and what was going on in there through arts. People from Netherlands, England, Japan and China had been joining in this event, so it was super cool, as a matter of fact I can get credit points by participating to this international exhibition. The next one  I was participating to was Modcon (Modern Conference). It was a competition under the collaboration of Jakarta 32 c and The Australian embassy. The goal is to engaging the newcomer artists, professionals and students to create their masterpiece and a platform to showing it off. So here are my process that I had been done all through in order to create the work.

These are my work for Munipicium Ars at 15th-18th August 2016. I superimposed two objects, the city building and the profile picture of Esa. The old Surabaya remake pictures as shown bellow were my college work in the final year at 2008.

internatiosmallIMG_2790Sensuality of oude city-InternatioIMG_2797smallIMG_2786smallSensuality-of-oude-city--monumen-persPhoto by me. Model by Esa Dora


..and here is my work for ModCon with the concept shown bellow..

‘The Digital Makeover displays ‘pretty’ bluntly what technology is capable of. The man bestie constructs almost everything in our life and it seems so helpful that we become addicted to it like the apps on our gadgets and cellphones. The beauty apps for instance, constructs the way of women see beauty especially in Indonesia. Young girls rapidly apply effects and filters within the beauty apps because having a fair skin, heart-shaped face, wide eyes are considered as beauty. Just tap, tap, tap on the screen, the face will instantly look beautiful without any cost. The girls love it, so every time they take selfies, they edit their photo. Its easy, and totally fun to do. More so it become a ‘ritual’ in today’s society.

The mundane activity celebrates beauty as just some cover, forgetting the essence, abandoning what’s really real. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not, true or false as long as it’s fun, it’s cool. Indonesian women are losing their real beauty: tanned skin, with narrow eyes and broader jaw-Malayness kinda look, substituted with the new construction of beauty that is more Korean and Caucasian.


also featured in Instagram with the link bellow



#2 Fashion Momentum with Pison Art N Fashion Foundation

On saturday Ricardo Damanik, founder of Reds Agency  shared his knowledge about modeling, previously PISON featured Nicoline Patricia, fashion photographer, talking about tips and trick on how to become a great fashion photographer. Never thought that these fashion master minds both born in Surabaya,I’m  so proud to be its citizen

while we waiting for the fashion show, PISON showed the alteration competition results, so sad that I capture them badly most of the time blame on the low light and the poor artificial lights, I only got this one..
while we waiting for the fashion show, PISON showed the alteration competition results, so sad that I capture them badly most of the time blame on the low light condition and the poor artificial lights there, I only got this one..


collection by Roche
collection by Roche

one of Reds Agency's model. The funny thing is she was scouted on Sutos..what a unique proportion she has.
One of Reds Agency’s model. FYI she was scouted on Sutos..what a unique proportion she has, tall and lean figure with tremendously long neck.

Strike a pose first before living the show..I'm wearing cape blazer, the latest collection of LCArtclothing.
Strike a pose first before living the show..I’m wearing ‘Ave Maria’ cape blazer, the latest collection of LCArtclothing.


Instasunda Exhibition

Instasunda is a community that shares the same interest about mobile photography using Instagram apps, this Sundanese based  club hold an charity exhibition at gallery Hidayat Jl. Suljana this evening, 80 % of the auction will be used to support education in Bandung, and I’m about to pay some visit..well, you know why I’m attending.. yep correct! cause it related to my thesis..hope I meet someone useful, at least some future respondents.  Anyway so excited to be there later on 5th April for the next event following the exhibition, there’s going to be a discussion about photography from social and media perspectives, definitely the one I’m looking for…I’ll be the first to shout and ask!

At first I’m a bit confused with the direction to get to the gallery, and the weather is killing me, it’s darn stifling,  I’m sweating all over my back to my jeans…but i finally manage to get there though… I am..looking all of these people gathering, chatting and mingling, and the rest is busy taking photographs like what I’m about to do..I guess that’s the only thing I can do since the awkwardness of attending events that no one knows you and you know no one, so I take some of these pics..too bad I don’t get many shots on this..

IMG_0097 IMG_0093 IMG_0095