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Hi there Negozio..

A welcoming to my Negozio pal, a friend of mine  Garcia Iktia-who has a beautifully handmade shoes shop online. It was founded in 2011 and straightly be worn by lots of celebs ever since, Popy Bunga, and Tyas Mirasih, I believe it because the precision that makes all of the shoes so similar with those ridicilously expensive shoes,’re not misread..Negozio is definitely your solution to get your fave shoes replicas

As a compliment I made this vintage banner design for Negozio and will have it displayed on my blog..and off course, once you get your cursor run over it, it will take you to Facebook page, that’s for sure..

lurycoco for negozio


Thoughts in mind

typography potrait

“These months have blocked me to jump into my blog, never could I write, doodle or whatever I used to do to my blog, why, I don’t know, I guess I have been lacked of inspirations lately that i just let myself devoting to work, it turned up to be like I live to work instead of converse. Now that something breaking this block, is the time when I start to feel that I’m loser, I always sacrifice myself for them but end up with ignorance, or “do I look like I care” respond. Meanwhile, my new house my hubby and I just bought is also waiting to be furnished, that goes hand in hand with housing loans, not stop there, my master degree that will start this august, and  a car payments as well. So I run back blogging, and drawing, the things I knew they never disappoint me..and by which I  escape..”



I love French for IFI (Institut Francais Indonesia)

These are my artwork for 6th March 2012, What we love about French..

The concept is to portray the idea when people falling in love, they just can’t stop thinking about the one they love, and adore..they starting to see the image of their beloved one every where, every in the very first morning you have your breakfast, or you with cup of tea and cake enjoying the scenery of orange dusk hugging the sky or even when you walking trough your closet and finally find your long time missing funky chunky shoes just right there…and all of a sudden you feel like you’re in French, you feel soooo fashionable and romantic!…waiit, waiitt, that was hell of a concept, wasn’t it?

“see French in my desktop”

“see French on my shoes”

“see French in my tea”