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Photo session haul

Things are going so fast these days, I want to catch some memories before they go away..lately I’ve been doing couples of photo shoots of many occasions, from my baby 1st B’day to the artwork for an art exhibition, from the indoor  to the outdoor photo takes. It took me sometimes to get comfy with the gear-my 7D Canon-again, since the pregnancy and being a new mom putting me out of it for a while.

these are very very late posts, documentation of my girl’s 1st B’day party. It was 9th August 2016, we held a little party inviting colleagues, friends and family, but unfortunately most of the guests were not coming so the party was a little dull. A bit disappointment since we had prepared a special catering to complement the party. I was hoping that it would be more crowds, to be honest..

IMG_2857 IMG_2859 IMG_2826 IMG_2824Really appreciate that moment, you just never go back to that time. I’ve got Jessica with Reino-Oi’s future BFF-my beloved brother with his wife mbak Cicik and off course Evan-Oi’s cousin to add the cuteness in the frame…oh, it was priceless!

8 7 and then we moving on to this little photo shoot of Esa, my pretty friend here was posing for Municium Ars Exhibition for my artwork. I brought out the double exposure as the concept and the tittle was Sensuality some thing… I even forgot..hahaha, but the point was to superimpose two photos, that were her profile and the city panoramic of Surabaya. Something about double expose I found pretty interesting so I searched the how to on Youtube, after that I put the photos through the post production process and voila!

Sensuality of oude city-Internatio

IMG_2786 IMG_2790

the latest project was for the campaign of University’s code of conduct of clothing, how the students, lectures, and people should dress in the campus. I enjoyed this photo takes, working together with my colleague bu Maya, and these three models-Jeje, Elisa and Elia the twins.

IMG_2937 IMG_2949 IMG_2972 IMG_3011 IMG_3062 IMG_3080 IMG_3105






Solid food for Oi

Hi Moms out there..when your baby starts to sit on her own, and tries to put just about everything on her mouth, she even notices you eating, curious about the food you bring into your mouth, these are showing that she is ready to solid food. theoretically it should be introduced to 6 months old baby. So too Oi when she was almost ready for her first solids , I was so excited and couldn’t waited to teach her baby led weaning or BLW instead of the conventional spoon feeding technique, so I browsed and watched Youtube about the tutorial and jumped into it straight-I got Oi sat down on the high chair and ate banana..I remember how happy me and my hubby saw her ability for first timer to grab and put her own food into her mouth. I read that sometimes your baby would gag NOT choke but I shouldn’t be worry because it was one of the esophagus defense system, the baby knew how to filter what should and what shouldn’t be swallowed. By doing BLW, the baby would learn how to chew first before finally shallow the food, on the contrary when you spoon-feeding your baby, she/he wouldn’t chew but let the food come sliding through inside. This could cause the baby choking, and it could be dangerous, that’s why people still find difficulties to tell the difference between gagging and choking, you’ll be able to do so if you adapt BLW to your baby. People kept telling me not to do this method for these reasons:one is the gagging or choking thing-it is always creepy to watch your lil’ baby act like she needs air, she keeps open her mouth, her eyes are tearing, she almost struggling to breathe!!! two-the baby will look skinnier third is that your child will be able to eat on her own when she’s grown up anyway..

I finally gave up, I didn’t do BLW on Oi anymore, it was so difficult, harder than expressing breast milk while working, it stressed me up, specially when I found out by then Oi started to have difficulties on pooping, there were several times she cried and screamed painfully pushing the feces out. For now, I feed her with spoon and still she doesn’t poop daily. Now we help her constipation problem with medication. The problem wass never on her eating method-BLW – it might be the food portion I gave her on her early time when I decided to use spoon feeding. It was too many, and her colon, or intestine mightn’t have been able to digest well.

This was the glorious moment of Glory- when I found out that my baby was able to eat by herself




Dfest Week: Ecofuturistic Fashion Design contest-28th March 2015

Meet the stage at the very front first gate lobby at Grand City Mall
Meet the stage at the very front first gate lobby at Grand City Mall

Finally posting this report!! I have difficulties spare my time and push myself to do needs commitment and MOOD of course..So here I am..(at rear view) sitting on the judges panel with other pretty judges, Jia (middle) and Silvia Siantar (far right). The same mall I judged for Cosplay back at 2012, but this time is more challenging: the contestant are ranging from high school and universities, even from outside Surabaya-Bandung and Solo with the idiosyncrasy to express their inner mine into fabrics.

Eco Futuristic as the theme of the competition refers to sustainability and green design to the environment but in a FUN way taking shape only at the overall look of the dress, just to fill up the spectacle nothing meaningful-as long as the dress made of 60% waste and of 40% new materials- as a result many of the contestant use plastic wrap, compact disc, which is so last year and even safety pins-that are all completely new. Plastic and pins are not even sustainable for the environment. BUT it is fun to see colors, cuts, fabrics within their design.

IMG_2433this is the only contestant I remember, simply coz they're from Visual Communication Design-my department. They thinking practical and aesthetic at the same time by 'patchworking' all the elements into a ready to wear dress they don't have to sew

This is the only contestant I remember who they are, simply coz they’re from Visual Communication Design-my department. The way they think is practical and aesthetic at the same time by ‘patchworking’ all the elements into a ready to wear dress they don’t have to sew besides the beautiful Prezi presentation they do.

I like this one to..cute pinky dress with a ferris wheel on the front, reminded me of Katy Perry. To bad the wheel couldn't be rotated fast automatically, it was too heavy so they did manually.
I like this one to..A cute pink dress with a ferris wheel on the front, reminds me of Katy Perry. Too bad the wheel can’t be rotated fast automatically, it is too heavy so they do manually.
I didn't realize that there have been so much change happen to my body..till I see this pic-my hubby took, I am surprised how BIG my arms are..LOL
I don’t realize that there have been so much change  to my body..till I see this pic-my hubby took, I am surprised how BIG my arms are..LOL

IMG_2439IMG_2449IMG_2437And that’s that I come just for judging and then go home strait away, they are three winners we choose, but I don’t remember which one. BUT the students from my department is one of them.

check out more info:



Fashion Drawing community service @ Vita School

I got the change to share one my skill and knowledge that I always find out to be exciting, fun, and cool since first time I knew about art – fashion drawing-to the 3rd year students of Vita School’s junior high. It is something that I’m definitely, obviously, 100% good at, since I never get along with Maths, Physics, or anything that related to the exact Science. Anyway for the two days short course of Fashion Drawing I’m not all alone, I’ve got Esa and Astha accompanying me to teach the class. Day #1 we’re sharing hot to draw a fashion figure based on the 9 heads Croquis. Never have difficulties when guiding 14 ultra energized 16th year old teenagers, I mean what could be worse? They’ re just loud and sometimes need some effort to get their attentions , that’s all. Nothing serious. We’ll just have to have a big heart and take it easy.

lurycoco.comlurycoco.comlurycoco.comThe second day we teach them how to draw fashion illustration with their personal touches, bring out strong character on their drawing. Laura Laine’s, Paper Fashion’s and some Deviant Art artists artworks used as the examples. The students start to make their own masterpieces with paper or fabric collage, put some glitters and even real flowers to complete it. Never really thought that they actually pull it off..good job girls, we’re feeling appreciated and we appreciate every effort you guys do.

lurycoco.comWe collect all the artworks and we’re so proud of them..can’t wait for the next class, hope we’re ‘trusted’ again to teach the senior high. Thanks Vita School for the opportunity.

IMG_4138 IMG_4139

Bandung Creative Movement

So excited today, in just 2 days I’m in Bandung, I’m becoming part of  Bandung Creative Movement International Seminar at Telkom University. It’s my debut to bring a presentation about my thesis for proceeding journal. That is the ‘Nostalgia and Authenticity of Faux Vintage Photo in Instagram through Digital Filters’ (see here) I bring out in front of class for only ten minutes, so I give a rapping presentation to catching up.I don’t expect much for feedback with the tight time table they give me and so many slides I have, few people will understand my presentation, if any, shame…BUT I gain a lot from this mind-broadening event.


The bible..the proceeding journal..I can’t wait for the 2nd edition!

The day before the seminar was about creative industries in Indonesia, where local creators go global such as Christiawan Lie-The Director of Caravan Studio Indonesia and my biggest inspiration Didit Maulana-Founder of IKAT Indonesia. They remind me of the dream to become fashion designer- having my own labels and printing my artwork on to the fabrics-will possibly come true if I put my best effort and dedication to it (see my new clothing line here). I’m also proud to these people with their innovation creating the local creative community such as Irvan Noe’man-The chairman of ITB IASR, Indonesian Power, and BD+A, Ria Papermoon-The Founder of Papermoon Puppet Theatre, Phaerly Maviec-The Founder of Parental Advisory Baby Clothing.

honestly I was expecting like this-standing on podium and giving the presentation in front of all the audiences in the seminar hall, BUT reality tells otherwise..hahaha
honestly I was expecting like this-standing on podium and giving the presentation in front of all the audiences in the seminar hall, BUT reality tells otherwise..hahaha
The 1st International & Conference Bandung Creative Movement is over, looking forward to the 2nd event..Great seminar that inspires us as Indonesian to be proud and believe in ourselves to create innovations in creative industries.