DIY C20 (indonesian) Fashion

DIY Talk #6: Fashion
Saturday 22 Oktober 2011, 5 pm

Kanya (VRY)
Marsha (kimilatta)
Ariani Widagdo (Arva School)
Era Hermawan (Tempat Biasa)
Alek Kowalsky (Ore Premium Store, allthethingsivedone)
Felkiza Vinanda (Surabaya Fashion Carnival)
Camomile Nungki (house of laksmi)

Linartha Darwis

DIY talk day 6 was a record-breaking of the number of panelists and most complete of the various aspects of fashion. Ranging from designer fashion, accessories, bloggers, retailers, and academicians, all the panelists here have the same passion to the world of fashion.

DIY Screening: Bill Cunningham: New York (2010)

A cinematic profile of the noted veteran New York City fashion photographer. Cunningham’s enormous body of work is more reliable than any catwalk as an expression. This video is truly inspiring, and trigger me to continue what I’ve been doing on documenting the street style.

We are now talking about “it” that I’ve always passionate’s fashion..highlighting to the same topic in  DIY  of which related to the attitude and condition in Indonesia specially Surabaya..then come to the questions about the treatment of people in Surabaya against fashion, which is vivid when you were in the streets seeing how people around you dressed then you’ll conclude that not many are sensitive to fashion, these people are definitely thinking more about the function rather than the style of clothes. However the phenomenon  today is the proliferation of distribution, retail, blogs, fashion schools. Those become evidence that they actually liked fashion and not a few who entered the field, ranging from business to education.

(left to right) Alek Kowalsky, Ariani Widagdo, Era Hermawan

Visage and Vogue

After the show was over I engaged with my 7D and started documenting the visage and vogue of the guests that night. The first ‘Fashion Fierce’ was apparently my own friend at high school-Era. She wore dream catcher that flourish to her entire style. She Fashioned Bohemian and Native American style. So western I like it!

Then we had Novity in all black..the young fashion fierce brought us to the new height of Surabaya wearing the color dark in her entire look, she managed to escape from boredom by adding vintage shade as a necklace while wearing the other one and she slung her small purse to balance the overlook. Smashing!

The panelist-posing with style-second from the right is Kanya

Kanya went wild and edgy

black leather bag and Oxford shoes…so British

Andri with baggy pants and oversized cardigan

what we’ve got here…Mr.Sherlock Harris tribute to his future wife Era..

..and the old school Anna Wintour..the lanky fashionista has  a provocative inner beauty behind her simplicity style

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