Lil’ Barbarians-late post

We were having a family gathering dinner at D’cost restaurant with grannies and aunties and uncles..Oyi and her big nephew Evan stole the spotlight that night, these chunky babies were so adorable with their cute outfit that I care no more of anything else around..forget about the menus, the place-the hectic buzzing clanking of people busy eating, the struggling to speak at people next to you because you have to yell, forget them! me, my hubby, and my brother with his wife were completely forgot about that unpleasant situation because we focused on Oyi and Evan. We even put them in the strollers and walked around the site, so cute these babies were.

Me, Oyi, Mbak Cicik and Evan
Me, Oyi, Mbak Cicik and Evan

IMG_1700TheĀ  dinner was okay but thankful we could get together as a big family again this year, I really appreciate this gathering my uncles and aunties had been prepared for…thanks guys

IMG_3012IMG_3003IMG_2975Oyi and I photobomb Titi and Yangwin..haha

little drunken masters



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