Meeting Up with Embran Nawawi

Call of duty preparing curriculum  for fashion program under the Visual Communication Design  department brought together me and Embran Nawawi along with my colleges at Petra Christian University where I work. The program will be opened in 2017 as well as the new building-called P2 on the west side of P building-operate next year..
During the conversation with the multi talented Embran I learnt a lot about fashion..the craft and textile graduate explained so much on how fashion design today should be brought to creative industry and that Indonesian designers should understand thoroughly about tradition or heritage to be on  his/her work as an emphasis, not just as a banal has to have values.
And about the sustainability fashion as a theme for our fashion program, he opened my eyes that being ‘sustainable’ wasn’t  only about economy or Eco design with zero waste and no chemicals added. It was beyond than that, for example batik coloring, batik with a good quality color tended to have a chemical processes behind it, the chemical mixing color would enhance the tint on batik, yet it’s more economical. Batik with natural dyeing such as black indigo or orange from Mengkudu fruit will be tagged for a higher price, yet to deliver it  is surprisingly not environmental friendly at all. It could take many trees and other important natural resources  to be cut and crushed just to dyeing very little amount of fabric, imagine how many trees and soils  we destroy if we wanted to dye more material? He continued. Such information these ‘go green’ activists never share to us..after all this time I thought that being green was to stop using chemicals at all..I didn’t think that far, all I knew was the ‘propaganda’ of natural dyeing against the chemical one.’

Natural dyeing with black bean
Dip dyeing process

Anyway as for fashion design curriculum he told us to prepare with credible lecturers who knew well about fashion, it’s core concepts and trend forecasting, off course one of them would definitely be mas Embran himself, hehe…how cool is that to have him as a lecturer of fashion design Petra Christian University.

Embran Nawawi batik designer (C) shows new innovation of Maduranese stamp batik collection on October 1, 2013 in Surabaya, Indonesia. UNESCO give recognition and formally endorsed Indonesian Batik as a World Cultural Heritage on October 2, 2009 and the date used as the Batik Day. Courtesy of

My next task is to make a power point presentation, brought all the knowledge above-sustainable fashion, creative industry and traditional textile, include the curriculum  on to the slides. I’m gonna make that very each slide bombastic, tantalizing and awesome enough so that the foundation will be more convinced to activate fashion design department soon.


Any useful information about dip dyeing and batik is to log on to

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