Offline to Online little black journal

How happy I am, my hubby gave me a little black journal that comes with a surprising gimmick-it tells you to scan the bar code at the backside of the book in order to make an account in the apps. And that’s it..everything you jot down on the journal you have it on your Ipad as well by scanning the page you’ve made. Well, to be honest I’m not that into this, so I’m not gonna¬† find out how it works and try the apps and make my offline note goes online, I just celebrate the pop culture that’s happening now and by the fact that the idea of offline goes online of a book is kinda cool, and¬† that’s it. I mean, you can DIY yourself this-offline-to-online-thing, you don’t need apps, you take picture using your gadget’s camera instead of scanning your note! BUT the design is cool, I like the color black and the paper quality is pretty good, so it’s worth having.

IMG_2920 IMG_2922 IMG_2923You can watch the tutorial video here

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