Exhibition art House of Sampoerna 2009

These art were actually my first time using Adobe Illustrator after a long time devoting to Photoshop, I traced photos with pen tool in simply mono color to evoke the tracing shape. It was quite OK at that time, but sadly being rejected by House of Sampoerna because of the poor concept.

Me, Putri, Nin and several friends had planned to show some of our art work to HOS. The theme was Surabaya Life style. The plot was dropped coz we couldn’t meet the deadline. We had been asked to revise the concept but we didn’t do it.


Lots and lots of Art! Sorry to tell you that these images may not be copied for commercials, if you want to find out more about my work visit http://lurycoco.deviantart.com/

Fashion is neither just apparel or things that you wear, in this term accessories like necklace, bangles, earings, even glasses, more over it's seen as you entirely from head to toe, include your attitude. Fashion reflects your inner self, it's very you and personal..so whatever you are, when you apply it to your fashion, you let people see what are you deep inside implicitly. Then the "don't judge book by its cover" might not always be right.