Paper Dolls in Gloria Kindergarten

It was fun to giving a short course to the teachers of GLORIA kindergarten how to make paper dolls,together with a friend of mine bu Maya. We made lots of characters like animals, plants, human or even a plane! The training would  eventually help the kids to pour their creativity on to the paper as a media using their  motor skills. They could use not only papers  but  any material they may find nearby.

IMG_2852 IMG_2865The class went a little bit ‘out of control’ seemed we all forget that the craftsmanship should be made simple coordinated with the children’s skill, yet we made it too moderate  because it was too fun to do-it brought out the ‘wild side of our self’- every person has his/her own character to make..hahaha

Again,posed with all the teachers and bu Kim,the headmaster

IMG_2874 IMG_2873
Time flew quickly as we kept making these easy figures again and again..
And it ended it up like this (pic below) pile of paper dolls..haha

Bu Maya and I Posed together with the 'collection'
Bu Maya and I Posed together with the ‘collection’

I couldn’t  wait to come back here again, bu Kim and all the teachers treated us so well, these people worked systematically, thoroughly and  full of effort that I believe the children are in a good hands. This is by far the most memorable service learning I’ve never forget! Talk to myself that time: “Oi this kindergarten is so cool, you’ll be studied here later when you 4.”

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