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Thoughts in mind

typography potrait

“These months have blocked me to jump into my blog, never could I write, doodle or whatever I used to do to my blog, why, I don’t know, I guess I have been lacked of inspirations lately that i just let myself devoting to work, it turned up to be like I live to work instead of converse. Now that something breaking this block, is the time when I start to feel that I’m loser, I always sacrifice myself for them but end up with ignorance, or “do I look like I care” respond. Meanwhile, my new house my hubby and I just bought is also waiting to be furnished, that goes hand in hand with housing loans, not stop there, my master degree that will start this august, and  a car payments as well. So I run back blogging, and drawing, the things I knew they never disappoint me..and by which I  escape..”



I love French for IFI (Institut Francais Indonesia)

These are my artwork for 6th March 2012, What we love about French..

The concept is to portray the idea when people falling in love, they just can’t stop thinking about the one they love, and adore..they starting to see the image of their beloved one every where, every time..like in the very first morning you have your breakfast, or you with cup of tea and cake enjoying the scenery of orange dusk hugging the sky or even when you walking trough your closet and finally find your long time missing funky chunky shoes just right there…and all of a sudden you feel like you’re in French, you feel soooo fashionable and romantic!…waiit, waiitt, that was hell of a concept, wasn’t it?

“see French in my desktop”

“see French on my shoes”

“see French in my tea”


..getting bussy..to study

It’s been a hell of  a day each day, I’m struggling with racks of administrative matter preparing for the advance study. I’ve been planning to take my master degree at National University of Singapore (NUS) at the faculty Art and Social Science, for 2012/2013 candidature I’ve been plotting for..I gotta do passport, TOEFL, GRE, student pass, Scholarship, bla bla bla..it’s urgent to take advance study regarding that I’m teaching bachelor students, I have to be beyond them..

Bra on Ice

The Brangerous back on ICE (Indie Clothing Expo) track on 11-13th November 2011 at Gramedia Expo. This second coming has brought up more attention from those we called ‘anak gaul’ Surabaya gathered into one at the expo, I might say it was a great opportunity given to us-Brangerous to display our talent and to be seen outside, hopefully there’ll be  still a lot of moment like this when Brangerous will spread its wings and fly away. Though the intolerably hububs were going on around, we could still manage to exhibit  our collections, more than 30 artworks were shown that night (see the picture below)..thanks to The Brangerous (let’s now call Brangerous girl ‘the Brangerous’), thanks for the long evening at Gramex, thanks for all…I am proud to be part of Brangerous!

Mrs. Maya’s artworks..she has just join to Brangerous and below is her first debut..Frankly speaking when she said that she wanted to make one for this expo I was so honored but then she came up with two at once, I couldn’t be more proud to Brangerous…thanks Mrs.Maya for the contribution, they’re unique masterpieces..well done!