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Urban Garden

I’m so in love with urban gardening..not only putting the plants can boost your mood because they supply you with oxygen, also they furnish your interior so beautifully,  as if you living in a tropical forest.

So I tried to built one for my home, I got lots of inspiration from Pinterest. Me and my hubby planted some tropical plants and did a opened terrarium of cactus. We had learn that flowers were so hard to maintain unless your home bathe in sunlight, they prone to decay. Maiden hair (Suplir), the Piper betle or in Indonesia known as Sirih were pretty easy to maintain. Avoid direct sun light, watering is needed at least once in every two days.

Sirih is best known for medicine. It’s good for coping Asthma, sore throat, even to reduce pain of period cramps.

We even have a vertical garden of variegated lily turfs, they growing savagely inside the dark green plastic containers. Unlike  pots they’re cheaper and maintenance free, however they’re become less appealing and  look messy, just like you throw a bunch of rotten vegetables or garbage to your wall-sometimes I’m seeing it that way..LOL

“it’s gonna be terrific if you add these green agents within your interior design, they’re  literally and visually a therapy for your health ..don’t be hesitated to combine with those artificial ones, there’s nothing wrong with put the real and the faux together.”

faux flowers from IDEKO..bought these in 2011, it has a memory of when idealist met pragmatic (faux flowers is less maintenance).

Favorite Home Spot

Kitchen and a small desktop on the corner are my favorite spot at this time..are the place when me or my hubby can spend so much time and be just like contemplating everything. When I get up, the first thing I do in the morning is go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast-not that kind of Gordon Ramsay make-it’s more like from the leftover last night…hahaha..I can’t cook to be honest but I do want to learn one day, when I really want to do it, but for now cooking Oi’s something to eat is enough..

For those who can’t cooking, it’s off course  time consuming to prepare even just one dish yet I have to make there meals instead. I’m juggling with all this cooking thing and I have to like be ready for work not to mention keeping everybody on the same table eating their breakfast that never ever works to date. So hell-o yeah I need a big clocks on the kitchen like BIG TIME!! It’s so ergonomic to see something so clear because it’s so BIG!

Anyway little tips to avoid ‘hell’s kitchen’ you can add  little touch of greens they can help you on the mood and give the calming effects. Set aside or hang glass and pans to make the surface look sophisticated and clean. Last, is to install a down lighting to brighten up the surface like the one you found in the cafes or restaurants. These little details are definitely pop out beyond the statement tiles on the kitchen.

Another story of the little corner in my house I call desktop work space (sounds cool)..this spot was once just nothing then one day my hubby needed a space for work he didn’t have to sit on the floor, bending and crunching uncomfortably in front of his laptop every time, so based on that necessity we decided to use the empty space and redecorated it to become a work space. Below is the result you guys…

We installed a wall lamp, put decorations on the wall as well, such as the laser cutting silhouettes and a pin board to pin important notes. We added a shelf with a small frame and a stationery on it, and a flag chain crossing over below it. Last but not least a fresh plant in a jar complements the desk.

There gonna be a lot stuffs coming since furnishing and decorating your home is a life time job so hopefully I’ll be keeping posting every changes and every details about my home, sharing tips and trick or maybe DIYs cause this become one of my passion and I think I’m good at it..thank you guys for staying and read this post.