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Today’s outfit is a combination of vintage and kinda old school but edgy.

The blouse is actually a print art of my drawing, it’s my clothing line I ran sometime ago but then discontinued because I couldn’t put it all together, having  one thing on one hand and the other thing on the others was like overwhelming to me..so I gave up-the probably the next big thing start ups-how sad 🙁

this is the original draw with pencil, it’s a resemblance of Alphonse Mucha’s painting that brought up the femininity.
I’ve always have a dream that someday I will have my own drawing studio and transfer every sketch that I make onto clothing… should I give up this dream and just be lecturer? but then I have to take my Phd and probably just choose to study abroad instead. Europe or America, who knows right?

I’ve also been interested to this marketing strategy- to consign with a bigger platform that help you raising the sell say it Zalora, but I’m afraid that I’m gonna need an investor to even begin with.

BRAngerous women art exhibition October 1st, 2011 Majapahit Hotel

You guys remember ’bout Brangerous…yep! Bunch of girls who have passion to create artworks and to be exist through their masterpieces…hehehe..yeah the word “exist” is the one I wanna be! So…I submitted Red line as my debut artwork..this masterpiece was once created in one nice long vertical format before I realized that the size must fix to be displayed . The size is precisely rectangular, so unfortunately I had to cut it into two parts