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Exhibition haul

Yeay Finally I can post my latest artwork from Munipicium Ars International Art Exhibition held on Petra Christian University and ModCon. The first one was basically for the lecturers and students around the world responding on how they saw people and the city where they live and what was going on in there through arts. People from Netherlands, England, Japan and China had been joining in this event, so it was super cool, as a matter of fact I can get credit points by participating to this international exhibition. The next one  I was participating to was Modcon (Modern Conference). It was a competition under the collaboration of Jakarta 32 c and The Australian embassy. The goal is to engaging the newcomer artists, professionals and students to create their masterpiece and a platform to showing it off. So here are my process that I had been done all through in order to create the work.

These are my work for Munipicium Ars at 15th-18th August 2016. I superimposed two objects, the city building and the profile picture of Esa. The old Surabaya remake pictures as shown bellow were my college work in the final year at 2008.

internatiosmallIMG_2790Sensuality of oude city-InternatioIMG_2797smallIMG_2786smallSensuality-of-oude-city--monumen-persPhoto by me. Model by Esa Dora


..and here is my work for ModCon with the concept shown bellow..

‘The Digital Makeover displays ‘pretty’ bluntly what technology is capable of. The man bestie constructs almost everything in our life and it seems so helpful that we become addicted to it like the apps on our gadgets and cellphones. The beauty apps for instance, constructs the way of women see beauty especially in Indonesia. Young girls rapidly apply effects and filters within the beauty apps because having a fair skin, heart-shaped face, wide eyes are considered as beauty. Just tap, tap, tap on the screen, the face will instantly look beautiful without any cost. The girls love it, so every time they take selfies, they edit their photo. Its easy, and totally fun to do. More so it become a ‘ritual’ in today’s society.

The mundane activity celebrates beauty as just some cover, forgetting the essence, abandoning what’s really real. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not, true or false as long as it’s fun, it’s cool. Indonesian women are losing their real beauty: tanned skin, with narrow eyes and broader jaw-Malayness kinda look, substituted with the new construction of beauty that is more Korean and Caucasian.


also featured in Instagram with the link bellow




Bandung Creative Movement

So excited today, in just 2 days I’m in Bandung, I’m becoming part of  Bandung Creative Movement International Seminar at Telkom University. It’s my debut to bring a presentation about my thesis for proceeding journal. That is the ‘Nostalgia and Authenticity of Faux Vintage Photo in Instagram through Digital Filters’ (see here) I bring out in front of class for only ten minutes, so I give a rapping presentation to catching up.I don’t expect much for feedback with the tight time table they give me and so many slides I have, few people will understand my presentation, if any, shame…BUT I gain a lot from this mind-broadening event.



The bible..the proceeding journal..I can’t wait for the 2nd edition!

The day before the seminar was about creative industries in Indonesia, where local creators go global such as Christiawan Lie-The Director of Caravan Studio Indonesia and my biggest inspiration Didit Maulana-Founder of IKAT Indonesia. They remind me of the dream to become fashion designer- having my own labels and printing my artwork on to the fabrics-will possibly come true if I put my best effort and dedication to it (see my new clothing line here). I’m also proud to these people with their innovation creating the local creative community such as Irvan Noe’man-The chairman of ITB IASR, Indonesian Power, and BD+A, Ria Papermoon-The Founder of Papermoon Puppet Theatre, Phaerly Maviec-The Founder of Parental Advisory Baby Clothing.


honestly I was expecting like this-standing on podium and giving the presentation in front of all the audiences in the seminar hall, BUT reality tells otherwise..hahaha
honestly I was expecting like this-standing on podium and giving the presentation in front of all the audiences in the seminar hall, BUT reality tells otherwise..hahaha
The 1st International & Conference Bandung Creative Movement is over, looking forward to the 2nd event..Great seminar that inspires us as Indonesian to be proud and believe in ourselves to create innovations in creative industries.




What we love about French-the D day

Finally the D day is coming for the exhibition…Brangerous is ready to highlight the city..

the crowd
artwork from the perspective

when I reached the spot CCCL (Centre Culturel et de Cooperation Linguistique) or now known as IFI (Institut Francais Indonesia) http://www.ccclsurabaya.com/, an hour after the opening, I was greeted by hustle and bustle people who attended to the exhibition. I never thought that it would be so spectacular..I’m very proud of the Brangerous angels for all the time and effort making the solo exhibition success. I’d like to say thank you for the opportunity you guys given to me to be part of this sisterhood and hopefully Brangerous will be going strong forever…Go Vag***na!…

shelly’s fashion photography
me and masterpiece
write down your mind..then…
..yes put it there in the bra..
..and posing for a while..don’t forget your mustache!
..and strike another pose..
and another one..with more friends joining

19 artist have joined enliven the exhibition with more than 20 art works displayed on the rows inside the IFI old authentic building. Here are the artiste:

Upluk-upluk (illustration/mixmedia) by Iis Yunus
Liberty/Fraternity/Equality (Digital painting) by Abigail Niendy
Girl with Flower Bandana (Illustration/ Coffee Art) by Rizalina
Padam Padam Padam (Animation Video) by PinkanVictorien
Got it (Mix Media) by Tia Arochmanty

Le Francais en Cliches/ Les Vacances (Illustration/Digital Print) by Nitchii
Eiffel Tower yang hidup (Comic)

Hourglass (Illustration/Digital Print) by Dechapoe
Ego/ Hypno/Blody Valentine (Illustration/Digital Print) by Florence Debora Patricia
Francois (Collage/Paper craft) by Putri Macan
Met You in the Garden (Illustration/Paper craft) by Citra Prameswari
Oh La La (Paper craft) by Narendra Dyah
Ma Petite France sur le Mirroir (Painting/Mix Media) by Maria Goretti
La Vie en Rose (Typography/Mix Media) by Dinar Amelia
Eiffel (Paper craft) by Okky Puspitasari

Urban Play (Paint on Canvas) Maria Nala Damayanti
Fashion (Photography) by Shelly Bertha Idelia
Le Jolies de la Vie (Illustration) by Misstyzha
to find out more about Brangerous log on to


maria goretti’s
the colorful one-maya’s
tantalizing pop up
the most genuine artwork-citra’s
amazing artwork-dreamy fantasy visualization-Decaphoe
urban art work
the ultimate publication-get exposed in metropolis jawa pos

IFI Surabaya Tampilkan Kelompok Brangerous

Ditulis oleh Redaksi Surabayakita

rabu, 29 Februari 2012 20:06

Français d’Indonésie – centre de Surabaya, atau disingkat IFI memberikan sesi kegiatan kebudayaan di bulan Januari hingga Maret 2012 kepada para seniman dan partner kerjasamanya sebelum pindah ke lokasi baru pada akhir Maret 2012.Seniman yang akan unjuk karya kali ini adalah kelompok perempuan berbakat di bidang seni visual, Brangerous.Setelah sukses besar pada pameran pertama mereka di CCCL (sebelum berganti nama menjadi IFI – Surabaya), kini kelompok perempuan kreatif ini kembali unjuk karya.

BRAngerous, nama komunitas perempuan muda berbakat di bidang seni visual ini. Apa yang mereka sukai dari Prancis ? Keunikan dan kekayaan budayanya, Jawaban pertanyaan ini akan mereka sampaikan melalui sajian karya seni visual berjudul ”What We Love About France”, yang kami tampilkan pada 6 – 12 Maret di galeri IFI Surabaya, jalan Darmokali 10 Surabaya.
Kekaguman terhadap Prancis ini akan  mereka tuangkan dalam berbagai jenis karya antara lain ilustrasi, papercraft, lukisan, instalasi, serta fotografi. Ekshibisi dilakukan pada bulan Maret sekaligus untuk memperingati ‘Hari Perempuan Sedunia’ (International Women’s Day) yakni tanggal 8 Maret.(red)

suarasurabaya.net| Prancis tidak hanya dikenal sebagai negara dengan seni serta budaya yang cukup tinggi dan dikenal diseluruh dunia, tetapi setiap orang pasti punya cerita masing-masing ketika mendengar nama Prancis. Tak hanya menara Eiffel tentunya.
Sudut-sudut kota Paris, cita rasa kuliner Prancis, serta eksotika Prancis sendiri dengan beragam seni dan budanyanya, itulah yang coba ditampilkan beberapa artis muda kota Surabaya yang bergabung dalam BRAngerous.
Dituangkan dalam berbagai media, diantaranya foto, ilustrasi, papercraft, lukisan, seni instalasi atau collage, kekaguman atas keunikan serta keindahan Prancis dipamerkan oleh komunitas BRAngerous.
Sebuah collage yang menampilkan potongan-potongan kertas dengan gambar-gambar indah, tetapi tetap menampilkan ikon-ikon Prancis diantaranya menara Eiffel ditampilkan komunitas ini dengan menonjolkan warna-warna cerah.
Beberapa frame berisi foto juga ditampilkan dengan memilih model yang terkesan sangat biasa, tetapi memiliki nuansa seni yang berbeda. Bukan sekedar foto biasa, tetapi karya itu seakan merupakan bagian mossaik besar Prancis.
Pameran seni rupa bertajuk: What We Love About France, kali ini digelar mulai 6 Maret 2012 sampai dengan 12 Maret 2012, bertempat di Galeri Institut Francais Indonesia (IFI) atau CCCL Surabaya.
“Ini memang pameran yang kesekian kalinya yang digelar oleh woman art community bernama BRAngerous, yang sebelumnya sudah pernah berpameran dan menggelar karyanya di tempat yang sama,” tukas Krisna Pramenda atase press IFI Surabaya saat ditemui suarasurabaya.net, Selasa (6/3/2012).(tok)Peringati Hari Perempuan SeduniaIFI Gelar Pamerkan 30 Karya Terbaik Perupa PerempuanSurabayaRabu, 07 Maret 2012 02:00 WIB

Karya Perupa Muda Perempuan Surabaya dilihat langsung pengunjung dari Perancis

LENSAINDONESIA.COM: Unjuk karya seni visual yang diwakili komunitas perempuan muda di Surabaya bernama ‘BRAngerous’ menampilkan karya terbaik mereka di IFI (Institut Français d’Indonésie) centre Surabaya, Jl Darmokali 10.
Mewakili panitia acara sekaligus ketua komunitas ‘BRAngerous’, Maria Goretti mengatakan, kegiatan ini merupakan yang kedua kalinya diadakan.
Dalam kegiatan  tema ”What We Love About France” (apa yang kita cinta tentang perancis) ini, dua puluh perupa perempuan muda dari Surabaya akan memamerkan hasil karyanya masing-masing.
Tercatat, ada sekitar 30 karya seni rupa dari jenis ilustrasi, papercraft, lukisan, instalasi hingga fotografi akan memeriahkan acara yang sekaligus untuk memperingati ‘Hari Perempuan Sedunia’ (International Women’s Day) ini.
“Komunitas BRAngerous dibentuk tahun 2007 oleh tujuh orang perintis. Saat ini jumlahnya telah berkembang menjadi dua puluh anggota perupa, bahkan ada anggota termuda yang masih berusia 7 tahun. Pameran akan digelar sampai tanggal 12 maret mendatang,”kata Maria Goretti kepada LICOM, (07/03/2012).

I thank to all Brangerous Angels..don’t give up, keep working..

Brangerous angels

I love French for IFI (Institut Francais Indonesia)

These are my artwork for 6th March 2012, What we love about French..

The concept is to portray the idea when people falling in love, they just can’t stop thinking about the one they love, and adore..they starting to see the image of their beloved one every where, every time..like in the very first morning you have your breakfast, or you with cup of tea and cake enjoying the scenery of orange dusk hugging the sky or even when you walking trough your closet and finally find your long time missing funky chunky shoes just right there…and all of a sudden you feel like you’re in French, you feel soooo fashionable and romantic!…waiit, waiitt, that was hell of a concept, wasn’t it?

“see French in my desktop”

“see French on my shoes”

“see French in my tea”