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Today’s outfit is a combination of vintage and kinda old school but edgy.

The blouse is actually a print art of my drawing, it’s my clothing line I ran sometime ago but then discontinued because I couldn’t put it all together, havingĀ  one thing on one hand and the other thing on the others was like overwhelming to me..so I gave up-the probably the next big thing start ups-how sad šŸ™

this is the original draw with pencil, it’s a resemblance of Alphonse Mucha’s painting that brought up the femininity.
I’ve always have a dream that someday I will have my own drawing studio and transfer every sketch that I make onto clothing… should I give up this dream and just be lecturer? but then I have to take my Phd and probably just choose to study abroad instead. Europe or America, who knows right?

I’ve also been interested to this marketing strategy- to consign with a bigger platform that help you raising the sell say it Zalora, but I’m afraid that I’m gonna need an investor to even begin with.

Fashion Journal “Christmas Tale”

Shoes Koumi Koumi, Ezra Bag Marie Claire. Dress Zalora

Christmas is near girls, be prepared to be the most fashionable Santa on earth, not in red and white as we know, but with pink and blue ensemble instead..I crave these amazing Christmas collections from Zalora so much and IĀ  organized them into my fashion journal for my ChristmasĀ  inspiration this December. All came with reasonable prize andĀ  adorable features, Zalora always be the fashion forward following the newest trend, provide the complete fulfillment for your shopping soul..it’s one stop destination, basically..Imagine if someone cared to gift me all of these collections like these two journals I’ve organized..it will be heaven on earth…….

Check out other Christmas collections gift here

Shoes Mango. Dress River Island. Watch Swatch. Shade Ray Ban. Statement necklace Something Borrowed

Hi there Negozio..

A welcoming to my Negozio pal, a friend of mineĀ  Garcia Iktia-who has a beautifully handmade shoes shop online. It was founded in 2011 and straightly be worn by lots of celebs ever since, Popy Bunga, and Tyas Mirasih, I believe it because the precision that makes all of the shoes so similar with those ridicilously expensive shoes, yes..you’re not misread..Negozio is definitely your solution to get your fave shoes replicas

As a compliment I made this vintage banner design for Negozio and will have it displayed on my blog..and off course, once you get your cursor run over it, it will take you to Facebook page, that’s for sure..

lurycoco for negozio