The Oxfords

So I have gathered myself buying these little cuties from Newlook, they’re ofxord shoes made of genuine leather. I tried the faux one but they’re not as comfy as mine, maybe because the material affects the heels and my money too 🙁  but it’s all worth it though..they bring out the look of ‘British style’ on me if I’m not wrong but that’s where the name ‘Oxford’ come from, right??

IMG_0103 IMG_0107 IMG_0115 IMG_0119

Instasunda Exhibition

Instasunda is a community that shares the same interest about mobile photography using Instagram apps, this Sundanese based  club hold an charity exhibition at gallery Hidayat Jl. Suljana this evening, 80 % of the auction will be used to support education in Bandung, and I’m about to pay some visit..well, you know why I’m attending.. yep correct! cause it related to my thesis..hope I meet someone useful, at least some future respondents.  Anyway so excited to be there later on 5th April for the next event following the exhibition, there’s going to be a discussion about photography from social and media perspectives, definitely the one I’m looking for…I’ll be the first to shout and ask!

At first I’m a bit confused with the direction to get to the gallery, and the weather is killing me, it’s darn stifling,  I’m sweating all over my back to my jeans…but i finally manage to get there though… I am..looking all of these people gathering, chatting and mingling, and the rest is busy taking photographs like what I’m about to do..I guess that’s the only thing I can do since the awkwardness of attending events that no one knows you and you know no one, so I take some of these pics..too bad I don’t get many shots on this..

IMG_0097 IMG_0093 IMG_0095