Urban Garden

I’m so in love with urban gardening..not only putting the plants can boost your mood because they supply you with oxygen, also they furnish your interior so beautifully,  as if you living in a tropical forest.

So I tried to built one for my home, I got lots of inspiration from Pinterest. Me and my hubby planted some tropical plants and did a opened terrarium of cactus. We had learn that flowers were so hard to maintain unless your home bathe in sunlight, they prone to decay. Maiden hair (Suplir), the Piper betle or in Indonesia known as Sirih were pretty easy to maintain. Avoid direct sun light, watering is needed at least once in every two days.

Sirih is best known for medicine. It’s good for coping Asthma, sore throat, even to reduce pain of period cramps.

We even have a vertical garden of variegated lily turfs, they growing savagely inside the dark green plastic containers. Unlike  pots they’re cheaper and maintenance free, however they’re become less appealing and  look messy, just like you throw a bunch of rotten vegetables or garbage to your wall-sometimes I’m seeing it that way..LOL

“it’s gonna be terrific if you add these green agents within your interior design, they’re  literally and visually a therapy for your health ..don’t be hesitated to combine with those artificial ones, there’s nothing wrong with put the real and the faux together.”

faux flowers from IDEKO..bought these in 2011, it has a memory of when idealist met pragmatic (faux flowers is less maintenance).

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